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90’s Polish black metallers BLACK ALTAR announce first live shows!

For the first time in 24 years in the band’s activity, Poland’s black metal unit Black Altar have announced they will start to play live.

The band’s first live show will take place at Subterranean Manifestatiion II Festival in London, on October 31, 2020! It will be a very special event and tickets are strictly limited.
Second gig is going to be at Darkness Guides Us Fest 20-22 of November in Glasgow, where Black Altar will share the stage with Taake, Gehenna, Kampfar, Misthyrming, Asagraum, Blaze of Perdition or Kalmankantaja.

VIROCRACY to release debut full-length “Irradiation” via Black Sunset/MDD!

Southern German Progressive Death Metal Maniacs Virocracy have signed with Black Sunset/MDD to release their debut album “Irradiation”, on March 20th!

These gentlemen accompanied by a lady on vocals create a sound that can only be pressed into a drawer under duress. Although the generic term “Progressive Death Metal” is a rough description of what the listener can expect, the whole work is actually more complex and at the same time more impressive.

The debut features 9 tracks mixed and mastered by Christoph Brandes in the Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Deadborn, Pessimist).

FlowerLeaf releases new single “All My Life”

After the successful release of their debut album “Stronger”, FlowerLeaf are set to release a new single entitled “All My Life” on February 7th, 2020 on all main streaming platforms.

FlowerLeaf is a symphonic/power metal band from Brazil that recently moved to Germany to look for more opportunities for their music. In the past year, the band toured in Germany and also participated in the festival FemME, in the Netherlands.

The new single is not yet part of the new album, which is a work in progress and planned to be released in 2021. “All My Life” is a bonus track from Stronger and it’s going to be available online for the first time. The song is also going to be available on YouTube as a lyric video.

Follow FlowerLeaf on Spotify: https://goo.gl/AwtbHi

FlowerLeaf online:
Website: www.flowerleafband.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/flowerleafofficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/flowerleafofficial
YouTube: www.youtube.com/flowerleafofficial
Bandcamp: www.flowerleaf.bandcamp.com/releases

OzNor – “Stormbringer”

OzNor – “Stormbringer”
Self-released / Distrokid
20 September 2019

OzNor is a one man instrumental studio project formed in 2019, mostly influenced by heavy metal but thrash metal as well, with focus on the melodic solo guitar.

The self-released and self-produced debut album released on September 20th 2019 brings different moods from heavy, fast and classic old school metal sounds to slow compositions and ballads. The songs are metaphorical, using the forces of nature, which are dangerous but life giving, as well as the forces of mankind to evoke feelings in those who listen to it. As with all instrumental music, in the end it is up to the imagination of the listener.

Norbert (Ozi) Ozogany

Country: Slovakia
Genre: Instrumental heavy metal


SUBVERSIVE: Watch the video for the debut single “Alethea”

Portuguese prog rock/metal outfit SUBVERSIVE have published a video for the track “Alethea”, which is the first single advance from the band’s upcoming full-length “Dissonance”.

Subversive is born from the need for creation between Miguel Mateus and Miguel Branco, creating the embryo of the themes for an album.
After recording the bulk of the songs, they invited David Pais to join in the creation of vocal lines and lyrics and after that Xinês joined in the percussive wing.
The result of this work, inspired by several philosophical strands and currents of thought, is given the name “Dissonance”.
The final result was then mixed and mastered by Daniel Cardoso (Ultrasound Studios), and the launch is scheduled for the summer of 2020.
The live debut of this new project is already scheduled for the 7th of June, in the already celebrated Comendatio Music Fest, in Paço da Comenda (Tomar).