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Anonymous Indian band Heathen Beast publishes mysterious video

Hailing from India, Heathen Beast is an anonymous metal band that has just shared a mysterious video featuring lots of static and snippets from news reports related to the recent and controversial Citizenship Amendment Act, which provides a path to Indian citizenship for illegal migrants of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian religious minorities, who had fled persecution from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan before December 2014, being the first time religion has been overtly used as a criterion for citizenship under Indian law.

The video, which works out as a teaser for the band’s upcoming album, is available at this location:

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised But It Will Be Heard” is set to be released on June 21st, 2020.


  1. Fuck C.A.A
  2. Fuck N.P.R & N.R.C
  3. Fuck Modi-Shah
  4. Fuck The B.J.P
  5. Fuck Your Self Proclaimed Godmen
  6. Fuck Your Police Brutality
  7. Fuck The R.S.S
  8. Fuck You Godi Media
  9. Fuck Your Whatsapp University
  10. Fuck Your Hindu Rashtra
  11. Fuck The Economy (Modi Already Has)
  12. Fuck The Congress

Release Date: 21st June 2020

SPELL – “Opulent Decay”

SPELL – “Opulent Decay”
Bad Omen Records
Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Prog Rock from Canada

“Music, like dreams, exists in feeling rather than explanation. In sleep, the strangest things can elicit joy or terror — this is why dreams are so difficult to articulate. Creating music, for me, is similar; often, I’ll wake in the dead of night with a powerful feeling or melody in my mind, not connected to reality in any concrete way. I’ll then leap out of bed to try and capture it before it disappears!”

Thus reckons Cam Mesmer, bassist and vocalist of Spell. Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, yet divining their art from the realm of nocturnal visions and fantasies, this band have already proven themselves mighty chroniclers of the more supernatural quarters of the heavy music sphere.

Full Moon Sessions, their 2014 debut (reissued in 2018 on Bad Omen) and 2017’s For None And All are proof positive of an outfit — completed by drummer and co-vocalist Al Lester and guitarist Graham McVie – whose grasp of crepuscular atmosphere and diverting dynamics matched their infectious song-craft. However, these were apparently mere preludes to Opulent Decay, the band’s third and finest record to date on Bad Omen Records, and an aural vista where moonlit melody, strident heaviness and potent romanticism collide to startling effect.

Recorded by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds studio in New Westminster, B.C., it’s an emotionally charged psychic travelogue wreathed in mysticism. Opulent Decay embraces harmonic guitar heraldry while also showcasing a band as adept at essaying a hymnal acapella piece like the beguiling ‘Ataraxia’ as they are the wistful and melancholic ‘Dawn Wanderer’, the pastoral-tinged and progressively slanted ‘Primrose Path’ or the catchy and barnstorming title-track. “Many bands find their third album the most difficult because they’re trying to recreate what they’ve already done; for us, it gets easier and better every time,” clarifies Cam. “As ideas emerged during the writing process, we nurtured them and gave them all the time and care they needed to flourish and bloom.”

Lyrically, as well as the influence of romantic poets like Keats, Shelley and Coleridge, there’s an underlying concept, as Cam explains: “All of the songs deal with the contrast between opulence and austerity, and the decay that results from imbalance. Our drive to avoid suffering is strong, but it can be overcome by the love for another and the desire to put them before yourself. Opulent Decay examines this balance and the dangers that await on either side of the pendulum.”

Some might hear the echoes of legends like Rush and Blue Öyster Cult in these chimerical serenades, but this is a record that sounds like no one but Spell. With Opulent Decay, the band marks their own delirious and affecting journey towards musical nirvana, above and beyond any spurious notions of retro-chic.

“After being obsessed with heavy metal our whole lives, we feel entitled to take it in our own direction and decide what that looks like,” elucidates Cam. “We’ve taken the heavy metal sounds we know and pushed them to the most exciting places we can. Whatever people choose to call it, this is a heavy metal record as much as anything else — hypnotizing heavy metal.”

Mutant Disease – “Chaos Emperor”

Mutant Disease – “Chaos Emperor”
Thrash Metal/Doom Metal from US

Mutant Disease is one man’s epic quest to single-handedly create a new sonic paradigm by appealing to all the greatness of The Old Metal Titans while embracing the strengths of the modern mastersSince 2010, the metallic edge of Mutant Disease has been carefully honed to a fine point. Imbued with arcane might, the lone metal warrior rides out; armed and dangerous, ready to rock the world.. “Chaos Emperor” may be understood as an experimental/transitional work. This release takes a more raw and heavy approach to metal and owes heavily to the doomed and dreary masters such as Black Sabbath, Cirith Ungol and Pentagram. The goal was to take that sound and figure out how to merge it with thrash metal, in order to be able to sound like an 80s record without being cliche or derivative.

Aaron Byrd

Aeterna Tenebrae – “Maledictus aeternum”

Aeterna Tenebrae – “Maledictus aeternum”
Ossuaire Records
Pagan Black Metal from France

Aeterna Tenebrae was born in torment after several years of compositions, arrangements and reworkings, still waiting for the name, the concept and the texts that could fit the music.

BC was then joined by FOG in this cause, who brought organic rhythm as well as macabre lyricism and thus the ambitious orientation was sealed.

2019 becomes the year where the first album is released, on their respective labels. 
This opus dwells on the artistic madness, lost in the meanders of the forbidden, where cursed generations are sinking towards madness and death.

Melodies and dark poetry are taking the listeners on an extreme epic journey through history, by the shape of a pagan and traditional heavy black metal.

BC – guitars, bass, synths
FOG – drums, vocals 


Kalmo releases new music video

From the twisted dark dungeons rises a murmurous tone of mutilated psalm. Echoing from the dust of scorched ground to the blackened sky. Disappearing slowly into the void.

Kalmo has produced a song and a music video for one of the best-known lullabies with transformed lyrics. This known song has gained a maimed form. The original impeccable shape has been violated and abused to serve darkness. All the beauty, all the peace, all the innocence has been ripped out from the body, twisted, broken and attached back to a transmuted cadaver.

This is a Kalmo’s contribution to COVID-19 dark canticles.

A dark creature was born in the darkness. This demon has grown out of its infancy. Spreading its wings. Ready for the evident end of humankind. Ready to explore all the horrors and burning agony on the way to the doom. Kalmo (cadaver in English) is a Finnish one-man doom metal project. Kalmo is raw, dark, brutal and experimental doom metal. Music is done with true blackened heart. It opens gates to hidden emotions of a metal lady or lad. It is one of a kind. It is DYI and unique. 

Kalmo released debut EP Demoni on May 10th 2019. The EP is available as a digital edition and a CD release. You can summon your copies of Demoni at Kalmo’s Bandcamp page https://doom.kalmo.fi/album/demoni

GODSKILL publishes video for “Becoming A God”

German death metal heavyweights GodSkill took advantage of their free time during the Corona lockdown and completed a videoclip for the track “Becoming A God”, which is taken off from the band’s latest album “II: The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood”, released on MDD in the end of 2018. The clip was shot at R’n’P Wiesloch under the direction of Wilson Contreras, who also directed the clip for the song “Ungodly Is The Flesh”!

“II: The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood” is available everywhere where there is good music, as well as on all usual download and streaming platforms!

Watch the video at this location:

Album Order
MDD: http://mdd-records.de/godskill
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2X6PJ8S
Cudgel: https://www.cudgel.de/produkt/godskill-the-gatherer-of-fear-and-blood-cd/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3dln7CEpzdCmHjBRZuo8NI
Apple: https://music.apple.com/album/ii-gatherer-of-fear-and-blood/1440465605
AMZN: https://amzn.to/3e1rWhv
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/en/album/77015582