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ISIULUSIONS to release “I – Follow The Flow“ on September, 11th

The debut album from Austria’s Isiulusions is set to be released on September 11th via Black Sunset / MDD! Featuring ex and current members of bands such as Hellsaw, Groteskh, Nocturne and Irdorath will be entitled “I – Follow The Flow”. Musically, Isiulusions took the chance to realize some ideas collected over the years, which led to this album. Stylistically there is a wide spectrum which may have its origin in Black Metal but also gives space to classic Heavy Metal parts and atmospheric sounds. This is also reflected in the vocals, which cover an equally diverse range. Produced in the “Sound Delusion Studio” in Carinthia under the direction of Christoph Klier, “I – Follow The Flow” will contain 13 tracks with a playing time of over 60 minutes.

Magni – “Magni”

Magni – “Magni”
Dead Games Records
Progressive Blackened Folk from US

Magni was created by Clint Listing out of a Until the Sky Dies session (Dark Post Doom Metal), as he was looking to bring in ideas of his old project As All Die (Martial Industrial meets Neo Folk) and the love for bands like Tenhi, Antimatter and Of the Wand and the Moon. Magni has brought Clint’s life long belief in Asatru with that dark gothic folk style mixed with black metal. The name comes from a son of Thor and you will feel that heathen element throughout. A full-length album was announced for 2021.

Line-up:Clint Listing – Voice/Guitars
Ryan Michalski – Strings, Drums, Guitar and vocals on track 3

Black Beast – “Nocturnal Bloodlust”

Black Beast – “Nocturnal Bloodlust”
Primitive Reaction
Black Metal from Finland

Formed in the dark days of 2002, Black Beast made their public debut in 2005 with a self-titled 7″ EP. Back then, the band’s native black metal underground was making an international name for itself and has since established itself as one of black metal’s most immediately identifiable idioms, not to mention one of the most enduring. The Black Beast EP introduced the duo with violent, vulgar aplomb, slotting well alongside their erstwhile Finnish contemporaries and yet exhibiting a refreshingly Motorheaded aspect (or at least one Venomous). They quickly capitalized on that enviable momentum with an even stronger showing the next year on a split album with comrades Bloodhammer, which was the first release by a then-young Primitive Reaction. Then, nothing…the Black Beast name sadly receded into the shadows. Alas, bad habits die hard and ugliness is forever, and at long last, Black Beast deliver a full-length recording. Aptly titled Nocturnal Bloodlust, the now trio’s debut album picks up exactly where they left off with the Bloodhammer split LP – as if an unlucky 13 years hadn’t passed – and then pumps the shocking waste full of narcotics and, yes, nocturnal bloodlust. Charging hard, giving no quarter, Black Beast whip forth an infinite headbanging fury here, a resolute ass-kicking Motorcharge that’s nevertheless not short on atmosphere. It’s purely and proudly all-caps BLACK METAL – after all, are they not monikered Black Beast? – and poignantly proves that, sometimes, the most single-minded focus yields the most gripping results. Indeed, Nocturnal Bloodlust possesses a grip of near-anthems (eight total, as well as a show-opening “Prelude” banger); by “near,” we make clear that the band do NOT write “hits” for “the fans” or crowd approval or other dumb bullshit. Rather, Black Beast offer unyielding obeisance to Satan, as all true black metal should, and declare as much on the album’s final two tracks, “Fist of the Devil” and “Symbol for My Devotion.” Through it all, the album exudes a raw-yet-robust production, thick and viscous but just as equally emitting space and shade, ably highlighting that this recording does, in fact, feature actual humans playing actual music – not cut ‘n’ paste computer crap, like so much nowadays “extreme metal.” Older, uglier, but just as hungry as the far-more-unforgiving days of the black metal underground from which they spawned, Black Beast have returned to claim their rightful dark throne with Nocturnal Bloodlust!

Line-up:Ruumisruhtinas – Guitars, Bass
Infernal Tormentor Necrocorpse von Demonblood – Vocals
Lord Sipilä – Drums

Idiot Robot – “Idiot Robot”

Idiot Robot – “Idiot Robot”
Dead Games Records
Death Pop/Indie Rock from US

Death Pop? What is that? What if you mixed- Husker Du, Pixies, R.E.M., Bob Segar and Foo Fighters with NYC Hardcore and 90’s death metal vocals? That’s what death pop aims to be! Weirdo, outsider, catchy and avant; those are some of the tags one can use to describe Idiot Robot, which are set to release their 11 track self-titled album via Dead Games Records on September 4, 2020.

Idiot Robot create music they find interesting and now it’s your turn to explore and see what treasures await your aural pathway.

This duo from the Bay Area of Florida and Phoenix, Arizona, have been creating music with bands such as Space King, Cosmic Punch (TMG/ Knife Fight), As All Die (Crowd Control Activities/ Fracture Spaces), Long Winters Stare ( Dark Symphonies) Black Depths Grey Waves ( Aesthetic Death) and Until the Sky Dies ( Cimmerian Shade).

Ryan Michalski – Voice, Guitar, Synths, Drums
Clint Listing – Harsh Voice, Voice, Bass, Guitars

SKELETON PIT to release new album this fall on MDD!

The Aalen (Germany) based thrashers Skeleton Pit, who caused quite a sensation with their 2015 debut “Chaos At The Mosh-Reactor”, have finished working on their follow-up album and signed to MDD! Set to be released this fall, the yet-untitled new album features 10 songs of the finest thrash metal with a great influence of classic Bay Area style. Like its predecessor, the new work was mixed and mastered by Marcel Kühn (Clydefrog Studios). Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

Tersivel launches video for new single, “Embers Beneath The Spirit”

Argentina/Sweden’s TERSIVEL, a pagan metal band based in Malmö, launches its brand new single, the successor to the single “Satyrs Wine Part II” (2018) and the album “Worship of the Gods” (2017).

The new single is titled “Embers Beneath The Spirit”.  It can be experienced via the music video on their YouTube channel.

Tersivel commented on the new single:

“We’ve put our substance into the creation of this new song. Its conception has been intense, not only for the less traveled road to exploration we’ve been taking the last couple of years, but also for getting punched in the face by reality itself. The amount of music out there is, to put it politely, overwhelming, and often it feels like there’s more music than listeners. However, the urge to connect with ourselves seems to be satisfied only by being “happy” or by making serious art, pursuing the former is a waste of life, doing the latter properly is impossible, but at least, there’s honesty there. Once ‘Embers Beneath The Spirit’ was ready, we struggled a lot about releasing it or not. Stillness came, and then, nothing. Where did the pleasure of creation go? – We asked ourselves without saying a word. Probably nobody will ever know. The only thing we hope for is that this song will bring you some comfort, whenever and wherever you are. Thanks for listening. Lian, Franco and Danny”.

TERSIVEL is a band of altering genres, perhaps centered around vivid soundscapes, where death/doom and post-metal converge. Paganism and heathenry, along with philosophical themes, are the lyrical spine providing support to the emotions of their music.

Ground Meat – “Pathological Silence”

Ground Meat – “Pathological Silence”
Dead Artist Records
Modern Groove Metal from Chile

Santiago, Chile-based groove metal band GROUND MEAT came together in 2009. A project primarily rooted in thrash and melodic death metal, in 2015 came through with their debut album UNBORN. Without previous warning, the quintet went straight ahead with the 10 songs that would define their sound and gain praise over the Chilean media outlet, establishing themselves as one of the most promising bands within the genre. 

Over the course of 5 years and after a significant change in formation, the band began to consolidate the sound that would henceforth become their trademark… a sound recognizable as their own. All the hard work finally came to fruition with the release of their 2020 album PATHOLOGICAL SILENCE (under the novel record label Dead Artist Records), a demolishing new creation that is currently available on all digital platforms.

Usually, compared to metal titans such as early MESHUGGAH and LAMB OF GOD, GROUND MEAT is all about heaviness and technique, and they sure know how to deliver them along with strong musical hooks and a take-no-prisoners approach which will remind you of the late 90’s and early 00’s metal glories, along with a hint of post-2010 progressive metal: A match made in hell between the old and the new.

Christofer Oros – vocals
Cristóbal Narváez – bass & backing vocals
Camilo Céspedes – guitar
Ricardo Muñoz – guitar
Raúl Guevara – drums

POSSESSION – “Disentombed Manifestations”

POSSESSION – “Disentombed Manifestations”
Xtreem Music 
Death/Thrash metal from US

POSSESSION’s dawning goes all the way back to 1991, when vocalist Nyk Edinger and drummer Shane Goade approached Shayne Scholl about creating music that would make lasting impact in the metal world. From the outset, the music was meant to be war machine intense while bound together by addictive hooks from which listeners would never be able to totally free themselves. Lyrical themes set out to breathe new life into concepts such as spiritual strife and obsession with the occult with a vocal range that virtually defined the band’s identity.

“Have No Fear” was but the very first “manifestation”, shall we say? Two other even more ambitious compositions were written, and the band were scheduled to make a studio recording in August of that same year. It never happened. Shayne, in one swift stroke of supreme idiocy, mashed his left hand in a machine and had to have it completely cut it off.

Five days later a bass player joined. He wasn’t very good, but neither was Shayne… now. The only way to turn two negatives into a positive was to pick a very easy song to learn, King Diamond’s “Haunted”, and challenge the would-be bass player to see who could learn it first. It didn’t go well for the new guy. For Shayne, it was an important first step out of the abyss, and just like before, it wouldn’t be learning to play that allowed him to compose. Rather, it would be composing that drove him to learn to play again.

Mike Vinson joined as second guitarist in the spring of 1992, and the two immediately began writing material. Mike was an amazing guitarist whose creativity paid no tribute to genre. One important aspect of his sound, however, was that he was left handed and played right-handed guitar, which, while giving him a powerful reign over the fret board, represented a farewell to “war machine intensity”. Even so, it’s best to let the music do the talking on that matter. The two did not always see eye to eye musically, but what made them a strong duo was their constant willingness to make each other’s ideas work.

The four-piece entered the studio for the first time in late ’92, salvaging “Have no Fear” from the ashes and presenting four new songs. Mike played the bass tracks. Mad Crazed & Violent was released in early ’93 on cassette (remember those?).

Lance Whipple joined at this same time and the band immediately began playing live, to audiences that either loved it or were just left confounded. Of course, they’d heard heavy music before, but rarely anything original from their hometown, and never with the kind of vocal onslaught that Nyk delivered. It was Kansas City, during a tumultuous time when the local metal du jour in a land better known for country music and cows was transitioning from hairspray glam posers to the horrific hebetudinous of grunge. Possession forced blistering mayhem upon an unwitting populace, among whom only a select few understood that real metal is not about looking like girls, or like you live in a tent – it’s about ripping heads off. It’s not about being liked. It’s about being hailed or hated, either of which means job well done.

Over the next four years the band self-financed and promoted three more releases, as well as recorded some rehearsal and non-released material, all of which are included in this 2-CD entitled “Disentombed Manifestations” to be released by Xtreem Music in August 2020.


 CD 1 –
“Eternally Haunt” (Album ’95)
01. Opening a Doorway Into the Occult (Intro) /
          Beyond the Grave
02. Sounds of Sorrow
03. The Mastery
04. Legion
05. The Return
06. Despair (inst.)
07. Shades of Death
08. Steel Jaws of Fate
09. Possessed
10. Rebirth
“Scourge & Fire” (MCD ’97)
11. Scourge & Fire
12. Danse Macabre
13. Shrine (King Diamond cover)
14. The Manifestation [unreleased ’98]
15. Revelations (Iron Maiden cover) [’98]

– CD 2-
“The Unnameable Suffering” (MCD ’93)
01. Seer’s Vision
02. Sounds of Sorrow
03. Have No Fear
“Mad Crazed & Violent” (Demo ’92/’93)
04. Seer’s Vision
05. Danse Macabre
06. Shades of Death
07. The Mastery
08. Have No Fear
“Unreleased Demo ” (Demo ’95)
09. Possessed
10. Beyond the Grave
11. Legion
12. Steel Jaws of Fate
13. Rebirth
14. The Return

Abyss /Besna – Splitrelease Abyss/Besna

Abyss /Besna – Splitrelease Abyss/Besna
Wolfmond Prduction
Melodic Black Metal from Germany / Slovakia

Abyss: Abyss was founded in 2009. The sound of the Band is inspired by early nineties swedish melodic Black/Death Metal Bands. Melody and the high pace in certain fragments of their songs demonstrate a revival of groups like Dissection or Sacramentum. But besides all that nostalgy, there are influences from modern representatives of the Black and Death Metal genre with a certain personal touch. The songs are characterized by the exchange of filigree instrumental passages followed by partly melodic and partly raw riffing. This bandwidth serves the delivery of the Band ́s concept, which deals with chaos in all its facetts and mankinds exposure to its forces.  Abyss played several shows around Bavaria, got festival experiences as well as concerts abroad. 

Besna: Besna is a post-black metal band from Bratislava, Slovakia founded in 2017. So far, they have released their debut EP in June 2018 and played multiple shows in Slovakia. Their sound is defined by mournful melodies combined with powerful, mad screams. You can also find influences of old Slovakian folk music in touching clean parts sung in their mother tongue. Thereby, their music becomes a unique, thrilling journey filled with emotions. 

About the Split: After embarking on the “Further Into Perdition MMXIX” Tour together with Groza, Abyss decided to change plans for their upcoming full-length and start a collaboration with some of the new-found companions. Ultimately, the Bratislava-based Slovakian band Besna turned out to be also in the process of setting up their next record, so both bands decided to team up for a split. This ended up as an international project, with studios from the Czech Republic (Shaark Studio), Germany (W-Audio) and even Iceland (Krummafótur Studio) getting involved, with the artwork being designed by french Artist Théo Braisaz. The concept f the split revolves around unfulfilled religious salvation, the ultimate absence of higher orders or purposes and nature’s indifference towards it  It will be released on 12/09/2020 by Wolfmond Production.

P. – Vocals
A. – Guitars/Vocals
S. – Guitars
Yannick Adams – Bass (Session)
Tim Hanke-Zilles – Drums (Session)

Samuel Dudlák – Guitars/Vocals
Martin Pinter – Guitars/Vocals
Timotej Jurášek – Bass
Gabriel Gorasz – Drums



Blitzkrieg Baby – “GENOCIDAL SEXTASY”

Blitzkrieg Baby – “GENOCIDAL SEXTASY”
Cloister Recordings
Industrial/Electronic/Martial from Norway

In a year already defined by society coming to a standstill at the behest of a global pandemic, the arrival of Blitzkrieg Baby’s new LP Genocidal Sextasy commands rumination with an acerbic irony. Since the early 2000’s Norwegian artist Kim Sølve has carried forth Blitzkrieg Baby as a timely exploration of humanity’s hubris and callousness, a bleak and pessimistic trawl through the dregs of mankind’s selfishness and cruel arrogance that paradoxically operates as a cathartic confrontation of 21st century existential dread.

Rooted in both the sequenced thump of EBM with the dusty spectre of death industrial grime and dark ambient unease, Kim Sølve and his collaborators (Bjeima, The Right Reverend Mr. B, Aymeric Thomas, and Frederic Arbour) have crafted a steady and unhurried oscillation, rhythmic tracks mirroring a sluggish dance of the dead clamouring for reconciliation that never manifests. Everything from Laibach’s militaristic stringency to even Alice Cooper’s gallows theatrics signify themselves over the albums eleven tracks.

Whether audiences in this fraught year find Genocidal Sextasy as a confrontational purge of relentless trauma or a too-close-for-comfort slap in the face of extremely timely anxiety will perhaps depend on the person. In the meantime, Blitzkrieg Baby has provided another tough pill to swallow that will no doubt leave fans of uncompromising industrial and extreme electronics clamouring for another fix.

Written by Paul HaneyAlong with the vinyl release of Genocidal Sextasy, Cloister Recordings is also releasing Blitzkrieg Baby’s debut album Porcus Norvegicus (2012) on vinyl for the very first time.
Kim Sølve is for music enthusiasts most known for his work with Trine + Kim Design Studio, whom has since the shift of the millennium created artworks for Mayhem, Ulver, Darkthrone, Enslaved, Shining, Solefald, DHG/Dødheimsgard, Virus, Ved Buens Ende, and many more.


Kim Sølve
The Right Reverend Mr. B
Aymeric Thomas
Frederic Arbour

FlowerLeaf releases massive collab video

Involving 6 bands from different countries, FlowerLeaf released on Friday 10th a new music video for their song We Will Stand. 

The song gained a new version which is called We Will Stand (United) and it features the singers Kelly Thans (Pandora’s Key – Netherlands), Nadine Mittmann (Conspiria – Germany), Aliki Katriou (Eight Lives Down – England), Grazy Mesquita (Lasting Maze – Brazil) and Sara Vanderheyden (Cathubodua – Belgium). 

The video also presents FlowerLeaf as a full formed band with Mo Haddar on the guitars and Florian Mathes on the drums. 

They all recorded the song in their own home studios and the message that “together we will stand” resonates even during quarantine and social distancing due to the covid-19 pandemic. 

The song We Will Stand was originally released in FlowerLeaf’s debut album “Stronger”, feat. Marina La Torraca (Phantom Elite, Exit Eden) and it has its own lyric video that was released earlier this year, in May. 

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SUICIDE OF SOCIETY sign with Black Sunset!

This Autumn will be a Thrash Metal Fest! After 10 years of band history, the guys from Suicide Of Society are set to release their debut album this fall, unleashing a thrash metal thunderstorm on mankind that will kick your ass!

To make this possible, Suicide Of Society have now signed with Black Sunset. The album was recorded and produced in August last year at Credge Audio Studios.

Stay tuned for more info coming soon!