Parthenopean Sludge Metallers “Beerzerker” broke the silence with their new EP called “IED”, a combination of portentous and direct sludge metal songs, for lovers of the dirtiest and most direct sounds possible. After the reissue of their first EP “Beer Blood and Blasphemy”, the Beerzerkers break a long silence with a very special release, with all the songs sung in Italian and mixing it with an unprecedented social complaint, already starting from the classic alcoholic and uncaring spelling from their video visualizer “Uomo In Rivolta”, which criticizes human society and how it’s linked to animalistic and primordial instincts. Beerzerker come from Naples, and this is imprinted in their sound and in their way of doing sciavro, unpretentious but rich in that “raw” factor that all lovers of the genre can appreciate.

IED is available on every streaming and digital platform.


Watch the video for “UOMO IN RIVOLTA”: