Canadian War Metal Act A CONGREGATION OF HORNS release debut album

Canada’s A CONGREGATION OF HORNS is set to release their debut album on 30/11/2020. The album “BLASPHEMIC HELLSORCERY OF THE NECROGOAT DEATHLEGION” is an iron fist punching a bag of dynamite. Buzzsaw riffs, subsonic bass, trampling drums, and acid drenched vocals are on display during the album’s 13 tracks and 39 minutes.

The album builds on the sound and themes of the previous EPs and coallesces in a journey through Hell where Goatlords stalk with sorcery and machine gun. A lyrical voyage on Hell’s lakes of fire.


1. A Congregation of Horns
2. Blasphemic Hellsorcery of the Necrogoat Deathlegion
3. Shattering the Swastika
4. Hellrazor
5. Rabid Dogma
6. Mass Grave
7. Molotov Inferno Napalm Ocean
8. Crucified on the War Cross
9. Surgery of Horrors
10. Hanged High on the Goatangel / Fascism’s Funeral
11. Torment Awaits the Coward
12. A Destiny of Pain (Forever Burn in Hell)
13. Baphomet Supreme

Blasphemic Hellsorcery of the Necrogoat Deathlegion is available Monday (November 30th) on Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Music and just about everywhere else.