Castrofate – “The Space Agency Scam”

Cataclysmic Metal Records

“The Space Agency Scam” is Castrofate’s 8th album, a NY-based death metal band whose goal is to play Maryland Fest every year! The album is driven by the excellent work of lead guitarist Pat Reilly and drummer Dmitriy Shnaydman, completed by the vision of founding member Dan Castro.

1. The Space Agency Scam
2. COVID-1984 (Realm-Wide Plandemic)
3. Planned Economic Collapse
4. The Ventilator Murders
5. Bubbles In Space
6. Model Ship Cartoons That You Think Are Real
7. Tin Foil Wire Hanger Tweeker Shelter (The Lunar Lander)
8. Staged Alien Invasion
9. Space Farce
10. Civilization Reset

Dan Castro – vocals & guitar, bass
Pat Reilly – lead guitar solos
Dmitriy Shnaydman – drums

Produced by Joe Cincotta @ Full Force Studio.