Sagittarius – “Songs Of Dream And Death”

Label: Die Neue Runde / Pierre Marteau
Genre: Neoclassical

Eight years after its last full-length release, the German, or rather European, music ensemble Sagittarius will  publish its fourth album “Songs Of Dream And Death” on November 25th, 2020.

Having been active for more than two decades, Sagittarius looks back upon a musical œuvre that may be regarded as impressive. Though never having fully cast aside an insiders’ tip reputation, three full-length albums (“Die Große Marina” in 2003, “Songs From The Ivory Tower” in 2008, “The Kingdom Come” in 2012) and several limited edition releases, including the “Fragmente” series and the well-acclaimed mini album “Aithiopis” in 2017, established the project as one of the main protagonists of the neoclassic genre.

Sagittarius is the brainchild of composer and pianist Cornelius Waldner, who founded the project in the end of 1998, and which since then has served as his artistic main outlet through which he transfered his obsessions, emotions and interests to music, above all the poetical work of the German symbolist Stefan George and his circle, Ernst Jünger’s novel “On The Marble Cliff”, and the lost Ancient Greek verse epos “Aithiopis”.

Over the years Sagittarius has worked with a number of highly sophisticated musicians, including Phil Jonas (Secrets of the Moon), Michael DE Victor (While Angels Watch) and V.P. Sorcerer (Acherontas), whilst Waldner’s participations since the 1990s aside Sagittarius, often as a session musician, includes names like Secrets Of The Moon, Warloghe, H.E.R.R., The Days Of The Trumpet Call, and Die Weisse Rose.

Sagittarius’ new opus “Songs Of Dream And Death” will see the light of day on November 25th, 2020, containing 14 dark and sullen neoclassical compositions. Once again offering an epic joyride through the poetical worlds of Symbolism, Expressionism and Romanticism, with poems by among others Stefan George, Karl Wolfskehl, Pär Lagerkvist and Count Eric Stenbock set to music, the album underlines the project’s role as a sophisticated musical interpreter of traditional German and European word art. For this release, Waldner was once again joined by vocalist Herr Twiggs, a regular contributor of vocals to Sagittarius since 2008.

It is a split release between Pierre Marteau, a Cologne based publishing house whose long tradition stems back to the 1660s, and Waldner’s own artist label imprint Die Neue Runde. The album will be available on CD and in digital format.

En gång blir allting stilla
Kunft-Tag I
Im Morgen-taun
Preisgedicht I
Kahl reckt der baum
Des Menschen Wort vergeht
The Black Hound
Crossing The Tide Of Time
Until The Daylight Breaketh
Du auch bist verloren

Cornelius Waldner: Piano, orchestral arrangements, vocals
Herr Twiggs: Vocals

Recorded and mixed by Cornelius Waldner at The Archer’s Sanctum, Leipzig, between 2014 and 2020.


Shrines of Dying Light – “Sadness”

Label: Self-Released
Format: CD | DIGITAL

Sadness is the second record from Swiss Melancholic Doom Metal band Shrines of Dying Light. It’s a concept album about personal development and a very intimate piece of music.

Sadness was recorded and produced by Shrines of Dying Light’s lead guitarist Roman Zemp (Zerom Music).
Mixing and Mastering by Michael Hahn at Rosenquarz Tonstudio, in Lubeck, Germany.

Entering Infinity (Prelude)
Whispers (Sadness Part 1)
Tragedy in the Woods
Into Singularity (Interlude)
Saddest Man (Sadness Part 2)
Solitude (Postlude)

Julian – Rhythm Guitar + Vocals
Roman – Lead Guitar
Roger – Bass
Michael – Drums

Sadness was recorded and edited by Shrines of Dying Light Lead Guitarist Roman Zemp (Zerom Music).
Mixing and Mastering was made by Michael Hahn of Rosenquarz Tonstudio in Lubeck Germany. 


Wildfire – “Dark Illusions”

Label: Self-Released
Genre: Metal
Format: Digital | CD
Country: Finland

Wildfire offer an EP coated with dark tones inspired by Scandinavian death metal and the unique touch of coniferous forests. Death’s very own carcass awaits for you on “Dark Illusions”, a place where all flowers die.

Utter Chaos

Vellu – Guitars, bass and growling vocals
Session musicians:
Janne Honkanen – drums (Utter Chaos, Serenity)
Jusudrums – drums (Sceep, Talisman)
Johanna Rutto – clean vocals (Utter Chaos)
Marieth – clean vocals (Sceep, Serenity, Talisman)

Credits: Recorded at Fantom studio in Tampere, Ylöjärvi. Mixing and mastering by Samu Oittinen, Fantom Studio


Sollust – “(In)Versus”

Label: Self-Released;
Genre: Progressive metal, Alternative rock, Gothic, Post progressive, Death metal;

“(In)Versus” represents the duality residing in every single one of us. It’s both despair and shame but it’s also optimism always surrounded by faith and light at the end of the tunnel. The sound mirrors all those beliefs that are born and reborn in us. It tells a tale of the wickedness and suffering of a mortal’s life, including religion and political inequalities, not forgetting the diseases that the human being is creating and everything that it involves while believing that there’s a light to help us in the darkest moments.

Mixed and mastered by Guilhermino Martins at Blind & Lost Studios (Santa Marta de Penaguião, Portugal).

01. Divider
02. Inversus
03. Lost in Oblivion
04. Hostage of a Life
05. Beyond the Void
06. Creed in Life
07. Blame Yourself
08. Exolvuntur
09. Reflection
10. Dark Halo
11. Winding Path
12. Messiah
13. Amnesia

Rui Pereira – vocals, rythmic guitar
Rui “Ruka” Monteiro – lead guitar
Amílcar “Mika” Araújo – bass
Paulo “Axelandre” Queirós – drums
Miguel Lopes – samplers and visual effects


Samuli Federley – “9 Classics on 8 Strings”

Label: Dr Johns Surgery Records

Samuli is a Suomi shredder highly regarded as one of the most talented Finnish guitarists. His new album, “9 Classics on 8 Strings”, is totally different from the heavy solo guitar work he normally does, with the musician showcasing his absolute skills on the 8-string guitar. 

Samuli comments on the new album:«I’ve always loved classical music and electric guitar. I wanted to combine these two in a way that respects the original feel of the tunes. Some tunes are arranged to meet a modern style and some others are very much like they are used to be heard. I want to show that an electric guitar can be played like this in a classical format as a soloist and without having to follow a rock approach. There are four epic songs on the album, two ballads and three very challenging virtuoso style songs. The album was challenging when it comes to the technical side of this kind of music but also when performing more mellow vocal lines.»

Viking Queen – “Hammer of the Gods”

Label: Dr Johns Surgery Records

Norways classic rock’n’rollers Viking Queen were formed in November 2016 by former Rogue Male drummer, Geir Miranda. Featuring female vocals and drawing influences from the metal spectrum, Viking Queen were part of the Norwegian TV series Norske Rednecks which helped the band to break into the world with their debut album “Hammer of the Gods”.

Artwork/Graphic albumcover; Marthe Elisabeth (LadyE).

Photos: Amalie Stepperud Antonsen
Produced by Badabing Studio, producer Robert Hauge.

CD and LP available in November.


Worthless – “Melancholic Rites”

Label: Self-Released
Format: CD | DIGITAL

Finland’s death metal unit Worthless return with their sophomore album “Melancholic Rites”. Just like the title suggests, the central theme of the new album is melancholy and all kinds of related unstable emotions. The word melancholy itself is an old one and has many more meanings and relations than just the most obvious ones we think of today. Among other things, it used to be one of the deadly sins. “Melancholic Rites” wecorded and mixed by Panu Raatikainen at Studio Rantajätkät.Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde / VirtalähdeProduced by Worthless & Panu Raatikainen

Toni Pekkala – guitars, bass & vocals
Petri Hartikainen – drums & percussion

1. Carnival of Sin
2. Seeds of Degeneration
3. Vantablack
4. Melancholia Metamorphosis
5. Lunatic
6. Choreomania
7. The Mighty Madness
8. The Last Exit


Disgusting Perversion – “Eternity Of Death”

Label: Black Sunset
Format: CD | DIGITAL

Bavarian old-school death metallers Disgusting Perversion are set to release their debut full-length “Eternity Of Death” on October 30th via Black Sunset! Previously self-released in a small edition, Black Sunset saw so much potential on “Eternity Of Death” that they felt it would be a crime if they wouldn’t make this gem accessible to a larger audience. Musically, it can be found somewhere between old Entombed, Bolt Thrower and Grave.


Rambomesser – “Krawall am Kiosk”

Label: Schladerskreiza Records
Format: CD | DIGITAL

Genre: Alternative Metal

Country: Germany”Krawall am Kiosk” is a collection of recordings Rambomesser did between 2017 and 2020, with their 90s origins being reflected in their creative work. A fusion of thrash, groove and stoner metal makes the band for what it is. Also the spherical keyboards, the pumping bass and rap-style vocals are an integral part of the stylistic elements of Rambomesser. Recorded and mastered by Daniel Konold at WerkAll, Ulm Produced by Daniel Konold and Rambomesser.

Action Star
7 Jahre Moabit
Metal Battle
Reih dich ein
Lieben Leben Leiden
Der Geburtsprivatier
Tut mir leid

Matthias Haumann – vocals
Hannes Rau – guitars
Matthias Polzer – bass
Markus Polzer – drums


Isabel de Sade – “Undivided from Desire”

Label: Self-Released
Format: Digital

Italian alternative metal four-piece Isabel de Sade present their debut EP “Undivided from Desire”; a melancholic record to listen when old memories emerge, to feed your thoughts and find the right place between suffering and love.

Recorded at “The Convent studio” – Livio Boccioni.
Vocals recorded in the studio of Brendan Paolini.
Mix & Master: Paolo Rossi (Studio Waves).
Artwork ep by Strx (drawings),
Silvia Porfiri (post-production)
& Alexios Ciancio (layout)
Logo band “Isabel de Sade” by Mirco Vanzini.
Special thanks to: Federico “Chicco” Sabbatini

1.Wrong Choice
2.Not Even You
3.Burn Again

Marco Longhi
Marco Ciaschini
Andrea Vanzini
Emanuele Aloigi


Leviathan “Words Waging War”

“Words Waging War” is the new studio album from Colorado progressive metallers Leviathan. Founded in 1989, the band found the inspiration for a new record in their recent reunions, making Leviathan return to their roots and deliver a new collection of heavy, technical and progressive songs. “Words Waging War” was produced by Leviathan and recorded at Ukrainian Homestead studios between 2018 -2020. The album was mixed and mastered at Colorado Sound Studios by Kevin Clock.

Label: Stonefellowship Recordings

1. Compromised by Need
2. Ambitious Stones Overturned
3. Who I’m Supposed to Be?
4. Someone Else’s Art
5. Picture Perfect
6. Strength and Limitations
7. This Order of Things
8. Ten to the Twelfth
9. WWW
10. Blood and Imagination
11. Projecting Feelings
12. Cast a Long Shadow
13. A Legacy Not Yet Defined

Raphael Gazal – Vocals
John Lutzow – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Derek Blake – Bass 
Kyle Brian Abbott – Drums


DORMANTH – “Complete Downfall”

DORMANTH – “Complete Downfall”

DORMANTH were born in 1993 as one of the first melodic Death Metal bands in Spain, releasing their 1st demo “Sadness” in 1994 and their debut album “Valley of Dreams” in 1995, to later be dissolved for 20 years. The band eventually reunited in 2015 when they released a 2-track EP, followed by the sophomore album “Winter Comes” (2016), “IX Sins” (2018) and their latest mini-CD “Abyss” (2019). DORMANTH share two members with IN THOUSAND LAKES (vocalist and drummer).

“Complete Downfall” features 11 songs where the double bass drums, melodies and catchy choruses prevail in many of the songs along with other mid-tempo tunes, continuing with their traditional style of melodic Death Metal influenced by bands like PARADISE LOST, AMORPHIS, AMON AMARTH, IN FLAMES and INSOMNIUM.