DIRA MORTIS – “Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy”

Country: Poland 
Genre: Death Metal
Release date: December 25th 2020

The third full length of Poland based band DIRA MORTIS brings forth seven intense, massive and crushing death metal songs influenced by bands like INCANTATION, IMMOLATION and AUTOPSY. “Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthrophy” was recorded, mixed and mastered in Roslyn Studios with producer Krzysztof Godycki (Kult Mogił, Morda Stigmata, Stillborn, Ulcer).

DIRA MORTIS came into existence in 1998 in Gorlice, Poland, and continues to serve a powerful dose of ominous cemetery stench death metal. To date, the band has released records through the likes of Defense Records and Let It Bleed, with two full-length albums among a long line of demos, EPs, and more fleshing out their discography. In 2014, a compilation featuring the band’s early demos called Rusty Razor Cuts was released, and the following year, the band released their second album, Psalms Of Morbid Existence, which was highly appreciated in the music press and was promoted on many shows in Poland. DIRA MORTIS has played live alongside the likes of Marduk, Immolation, Parricide, Deformed, Antigama, Hypnos, Patologicum, Terrordome, and Chaos Synopsis.

FOR FANS OF: Incantation, Immolation, Autopsy…

Recorded at Roslyn Studio 2020
Mixed and mastered by Krzysztof Godycki
All music by Leszek Makowiecki & Vizun
All lyrics by Jakub Brewczynski
All solos by Mścisław
Gues solo on “Twilight Of Divine Purgatory” by Uappa Terror
Intro and Outro produced by Łukasz “Zenial” Szałankiewicz & Elene Aladashvili on vocals
Additional consultations by Bartłomiej Ziemba
Cover & layout by Bartłomiej Kurzok
Photos by Marcin Studzinski

1. Legions Heading For Eternity
2. Worshipping The Terror Of Madness
3. Sepulchlar Maniac
4. Twilight Of Divine Purgatory?
5. The Falling Majesty Of Abomination
6. Forward To The Abyss Of Misanthropy
7. The Altars Fall

Leszek Makowiecki – guitar
Mścisław – guitar, bass in the studio
Vizun – drums 
Kuba Brewczynski – vocals



Xilla – “Live Again” (single)

Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock

This is the new single from Birmingham heavyweights Xilla! ‘Live Again’ combines massive grooves with soaring melodies and lyrics that hit the mark in these unprecedented times we find ourselves in. The song was produced by Xilla and mixed by John Mitchell (Enter Shikari, You Me At Six, Alter Bridge) @ Outhouse Studios, Reading, UK.

Nihilum – “Sunless Death”

Label: Self-Release
Format: Digital
Genre: Black Metal
Country: US

“Sunless Death” is the follow-up to the debut EP, “Call of the Void” released back in June. With these two new tracks, black metal one-man-army Nihilum has furthered flushed out the concept behind the band between the release of the debut EP until now. These two tracks are a continuation of the story.

The Revenant
Sunless Death

Guitars, Bass, Vocals – Nihil
Drums – Jere Jolkkonen


Exarsis – “Sentenced To Life”

Label: MDD Records
Format: CD

Ten years after their first demo, Hellenic thrashers Exarsis are preparing to release their fifth full-length album, once again rising the flag of old school thrash metal.After a change in the line-up on the drums and the return of founding member and guitarist Chris Tsitsis (Suicide Angels a.o.), “Sentenced To Life” is probably the most melodic album of their discography to date, which nevertheless contains the typical Exarsis feeling, also because they keep pushing the gas pedal pretty hard. As a surprise, there are guest appearances of Pyros Lafias (Chronosphere) and Lefteris Xatzhandreou (Bio-Cancer) in the song “…Against My Fears”, which is about overcoming depression and the fight against the inner demons.  Like the two previous releases, the album was produced by Mike Karpathiou in D-Studio. Artwork by Dan Goldsworthy (Accept, Xentrix, Gloryhammer).

1. Cen$ored
2. Another Betrayal
3. The Truth is No Defence
4. Aiming the Eye
5. Mouthtied
6. The Drug…
7. Against My Fears
8. One Last Word
9. Interplanetary Extermination
10. New War Order

Vocals: Nick Tragakis
Bass: Chris Poulos
Guitar: Chris Tsitsis
Guitar: Tony Lambrakis
Drums: Panos Meletis


Waking Dream – “Peculiarities of Evolution!!!”

Label: Self-Released
Format: Digital

Waking Dream is a Russian rock band formed in Moscow in 2012 by guitarist Aleksandr Imaykin and singer Olga Karbusheva. Now its line-up contains two more guitar players – Aleksandr Kislyakov and Mikhail Romanov. Their music represents a mixture of different rock styles – heavy metal, punk, rock’n’roll with elements of ska, pop and disco. Main musical influences include Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Nightwish, Ramones, Toy Dolls and Metallica. Recorded in Waking Dream home studioProduced by Ivan Alyoshin

A Hit Song
Broken Heart
Gift Frenzy
Peculiarities of Evolution

Lead vocals – Olga Karbusheva
Backing vocals, harmonica – Aleksandr Kislyakov
Rhythm guitars, bass, keyboards, drums – Aleksandr Imaykin
Rhythm and solo guitars – Mikhail Romanov
Violin in A Hit Song – Inna Hinkiladze


WOLFREDT – “Tides”

Label: Moment Of Collapse Records, Somewherecold Records
Genre: Post-Rock
Country: Estonia

Started as a one-man-project by Margus Voolpriit, Wolfredt released two albums between 2013 and 2016. While expanding the sound for the third album, Margus realized that additional band members could be helpful to bring more melodies, dynamics and ideas into the project. So the four-piece Wolfredt was reborn from scratch. “Tides” follows the eternal way of the tides. The coming and going of flood and ebb, the up and down of the endless circle of life, where past, present and future are and always repeating. Musically, the band wrote this down in lengthy guitar-based dynamical instrumental pieces, melodic bass guitar lines, and heavy use of distortion and effects, together with an eminent ambient sound, sometimes dark and sometimes expansive. If you have to compare them to any other bands, Russian Circles, We Lost The Sea or Caspian may come into your mind.

01. The Flood
02. Walrus Song
03. Colossus
04. Ghost In The Machine
05. The Forgotten Man
06. Moebius Strip
07. The Ebb

Margus Voolpriit
Andres Soosaar
Pertti Johanson
Kallervo Karu


Unbounded Terror – “Infernal Judgment”

Formed in 1990, UNBOUNDED TERROR is one of the most legendary bands within the Spanish Death Metal scene, having the honour of having released the first Death Metal album in the country, on 12″LP, CD and Cassette via Drowned Prod. (Pre-Repulse/ Xtreem Music). In January 2020, UNBOUNDED TERROR released their sophomore album “Faith in Chaos” also on CD, 12″LP and Cassette formats, making a great comeback and proving that they are in great shape.


Vicente J. Payá – Guitars  
Andrew – Vocals/Bass  
Portas – Drums  
Juan – Guitars  


Across Antarctica – “2: The Next Puddle Realm”

Label: Cataclysmic Metal Records
Format: CD | DIGITAL

Eight months after their debut album, New York old-school death metallers Across Antarctica are back with its follow-up “2: The Next Puddle Realm”, with Joe Cincotta and Pat Reilly, from Full Force Studio and Big Cat Tracking, respectively, being responsible for the production work that represents a huge leap for the band. Across Antarctica are already working on their 3rd album and their goal is to play Maryland Deathfest every year!


  1. The Next Puddle Realm
  2. Ice-Plane Anomaly
  3. Contact
  4. Hostile Forces
  5. Violence Erupts
  6. Banished From Home-Realm Centauri
  7. We Are True North
  8. Endless Dark Ice-Plane

Dan Castro – vocals & bass, rhythm guitars
Pat Reilly – lead guitar solos
Leo Worrell McClain – drums


Peste Umbrarum – “Night Canticles of the Ancient Ana’themae”

Label: Astral Nightmare Productions
Format: CD | DIGITAL
Country: US
Genre: Black Metal

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Peste Umbrarum have been churning the cauldron of conflict and despair since 2017 with a 2018 demo release “Night Shines Eternal”, a 2019 tour with Barshasketh & Deitus and numerous West Coast live rituals. Now, with their craft sharpened and several years of devilry under their skin, Peste Umbrarum presents their debut full length, “NIGHT CANTICLES OF THE ANCIENT ANA’THEMAE”.

Strewn across five epic hymns of satanic triumph, vampyric black metal diabolism and crowning demise, “Night Canticles of the Ancient Ana’themae” stands as a testament to the true worship of death and the catharsis derived from embracing and perpetuating their shadow plague upon humanity.

Where Vile Tempests Convoke (I am Borne)
Sentinels of Black Ardor
Dead to World
Omnia Culto Mors
Blood…Devouring Embrace

Lord Andross

Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Maleficarum by Robb Bockman and Peste Umbrarum 2020, Year of the Plague


Incognosci – “A Biography of Madness”

Genre: Death Metal
Format: Digital | CD
Country: Brazil

The entity known as INCOGNOSCI was unborn in 2008, from the ashes of the brutal band NECROPSE, when Marcos and Jonathas (Ex-REGORGE) got together to make insane and deranged sounds. They joined with Iron (GUTTED SOULS, PERISTALTIC MOVEMENT, Ex-ANOPSY) and Gabriel De Jong in 2013 to release a thematic EP about the mental anguish of a brainwashed soldier called “Trapped in Spontaneous Disintegration” released by Genocidio records and MVCS Prods. Later on, we released a single in 2015, “Eleven Years” that told a new piece of the story of the brainwashed man. This single counted with the production of Diego Soria (BROKEN HOPE, DISGORGE USA), and at this moment the talented drummer Braulio Drumond (PAUL DIANNO, LEATHER LEONE, MJOKER & THE ROTTENS, Ex-UNEARTHLY) joined the band, replacing De Jong. This single was released by Genocidio Records, Digital Yourself, and Fall of Eden Records. Now, their irst full-length album “A Biography of Madness” recorded and mixed at AM studios by Fernando Campos, and mastered at Grindhouse Studios Athens by George Bokos (Ex-ROTTING CHRIST). This album was released by Extreme Sound Records in October 2020. With creative grooves, bass solos, unique riffs and brutal vocals, this album tells a story of madness, murder and brainwashing in 8 tracks of Death Metal with a strong old school vein.
1 – Aftermath
2 – Awaken the Desperate
3 – Perfect Specimen
4 – Traumatize the Masses
5 – Eleven Years
6 – Tales of Insanity
7 – Final Descent into Madness
8 – Trapped in Spontaneous Disintegration

Iron – Vocals
Jonathas “Jon” Pereira – Guitar
Marcos Medeiros – Bass
Braulio Drumond – Drums

Instagram: @incognosci

NAR – “Blood Moon Omen”

Label: Self-Released
Format: DIGITAL | CD

NAR is a one-man black metal band from Malta. The concept ‘NAR’ was conceived in early 2013 by Dagor, the founder and creator of the project. NAR has always been about creating melodic, narrative, riff-driven black metal music. The name NAR, or ‘fire’ in Maltese, is somewhat representative of the band’s music—”Fire is one of the primordial elements, and as such, it can be ferocious, yet instigative at the same time. I want my music to be raw, I want my music to have the allure of a flame, leaving an impression when heard” – Dagor. “Blood Moon Omen” is NAR’s third and darkest album, drawing inspiration from the failures of mankind, dysfunctions in the fabric of society, mythology and the personal quest for good or evil. The album will be released on the 28th of November, 2020.

Red Skies Looming
Winds of Decimation
Path of No Return
Prova Tan-Nar
Rabid Earth
Under the Great Eye
Il-Ħakem ta’ Bufies
Into The End


Sorcier Des Glaces – “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang”

Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Format: CD | DIGITAL
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Canada

“Un Monde de Glace et de Sang” is the 8th studio album by the band. They masters their cold primitive metal sound with freezing melodies, haunting atmosphere, that paints black and white landscapes from the ancient times. Album title means “A World of Ice and Blood”. Sorcier Des Glaces continue to express their strong hate against humanity, in a post-apocalyptic world where nature has regained its due over Men. “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang” was recorded in the first half of 2020. Recorded, mixed & mastered at Hell Studio, Donnacona (Québec) by S. Robitaille. “The Warlock” is a cover song of the Greek band Necromantia. Music & Lyrics by Necromantia. Guest vocals on “Un Monde de Glace et de Sang” and also piano played on “La Couronne des Mille Hivers part II” performed by Thierry Nadeau-Cossette. No keyboards were used on this recording.