15 April 2019

Chaos Factory’s “Horizon” has been designed and structured to transport the listener into a journey through the mechanics that characterize the human being. It is a journey that goes from concreteness to abstraction that brings evolution in musical genres. It is difficult to classify the album in a particular genre, because “Horizon” ranges from symphonic metal to impact musical soundtracks, from electronic to classical music, enhancing the musical theme.Why “Horizon”? Because it is the perfect metaphor of the human being, as it represents the two components that characterize us as a species. The sky represents abstraction, ideas and creativity; the land, on the other side, symbolizes the most primitive desires. The horizon is the line that bounds this two worlds and mankind identifies with it. For this double CD, the band colaborated with the most famous Italian voice actor Luca Ward, interpreter of their stories, kids choir “Piccole Colonne”, the orchestra conductor Enrico Gerola and electronic music producers Junto, Mattia Sonn and Andrea Braccio. The sound engineers who followed the project are: Marco Ober (Artifact Studio) for recording and mixing; Giovanni Versari (La Maestà Studio) for the mastering (curator of the master of artists such as Muse and Negramaro).

Francesco Vadori – Vocals
Luca Moser – Guitars
Mattia Carli – Guitars
Diana Aprile – Drums
Fabio Sartori – Bass

Heavy Metal