Dorothy Polonium released their second full-length album Psychoccult

More Kate Bush than Slayer, more Slayer than Black Sabbath, powerful female leads collide with the rough edges of 90’s grunge on Dorothy Polonium’s second full length. Psychoccult is an anthology of the sounds and visions beyond our eyelids, a pilgrimage to the deep trenches of our mind, where light and shadow clash in an endless imbalance.

Formed in Jyväskylä, Finland in 2014, Dorothy Polonium describe their twisted and dark take on modern rock as “metalloid igneous rock”. The female-fronted fresh quartet have toured extensively both home and abroad. Their rough and barely controlled sound combines strong melodies, enchanting vocals, catchy refrains and gloomy lyrics.

Released in the end of the year 2017, their full-length debut “Tales by the Pyre” aroused fear and curiosity both domestically and abroad and even snatched a mention among the top albums of the year. (30.12.2018, Kaaoszine).

Dorothy Polonium released their second full length album, titled “Psychoccult” on September 1st 2020. This time Dorothy’s sound has developed like fine wine and the second album takes the listener even deeper into the darkness.

Dorothy Polonium:
V – Suvi Uura
G – Markus Taipale
B – Arto Kettunen
D – Ensio Hintikka

Listen Psychoccult here: