Isabel de Sade – “Undivided from Desire”

Label: Self-Released
Format: Digital

Italian alternative metal four-piece Isabel de Sade present their debut EP “Undivided from Desire”; a melancholic record to listen when old memories emerge, to feed your thoughts and find the right place between suffering and love.

Recorded at “The Convent studio” – Livio Boccioni.
Vocals recorded in the studio of Brendan Paolini.
Mix & Master: Paolo Rossi (Studio Waves).
Artwork ep by Strx (drawings),
Silvia Porfiri (post-production)
& Alexios Ciancio (layout)
Logo band “Isabel de Sade” by Mirco Vanzini.
Special thanks to: Federico “Chicco” Sabbatini

1.Wrong Choice
2.Not Even You
3.Burn Again

Marco Longhi
Marco Ciaschini
Andrea Vanzini
Emanuele Aloigi