ISIULUSION – “I – Follow The Flow”

ISIULUSION – “I – Follow The Flow”
Black Sunset / MDD
Black Metal from Austria

Isiulusions are an Austrian four-piece founded by Hellsaw guitarist Isiul, who partly names the band. Together with other members from Hellsaw, Groteskh, Nocturne and Irdorath, among others, these long-proven representatives of the scene are convened under this new banner, which is why one cannot really speak of “newcomers”, even if Isiulusions are still a completely blank sheet.

Musically, the guys take the chance to implement some ideas collected over the years, which led to the present debut “I-Follow The Flow”. Stylistically, the album offers a wide spectrum which may have its origins in Black Metal but also gives room to classic Heavy Metal parts and atmospheric sounds. This is also reflected in the vocals, which cover an equally diverse range.

“I-Follow The Flow” was produced in the “Sound Delusion Studio” in Carinthia under the direction of Christoph Klier and is described by Isiul himself as follows: “You can’t deny that we come from Black Metal – we don’t want to – but we like to think outside the box.”