Law of Contagion premiere “Cult of the Damned” via Friedhof Magazine

Portuguese black/death metal horde Law of Contagion have exclusively premiered a brand new track on Friedhof Magazine. Entitled “Culf of the Damned”, the new single is taken off from the band’s upcoming album “Woeful Litanies from the Nether Realms”, to be released on August 28th, 2020 via Moribund Records. Listen to “Culf of the Damned” at this location: 
  On the new track, Law of Contagion share the following with Friedhof Magazine: «Maybe it isn’t an immediate read from the lyrics, but ‘Cult of the Damned’ talks about the sheep-like mentality of the religious masses. How these legions of so-called lambs are actually just manipulated and, ultimately, help in further turning our world into a de-facto hell and ultimately doom mankind. This song could, arguably, be considered to somewhat stand out from the rest, in terms of style or approach, with its more d-beat vibe, but I personally don’t feel that. From the start, Law of Contagion was created to heavily drink from the old-school sound.» You can order your copy of at “Woeful Litanies from the Nether Realms” right here: