Raise your profile and increase your sales with our PR campaigns. We promote next to print and online media, as well as radios and online playlists. Our database has more than 5.000 contacts and counting.

For those who still want to promote older releases (those records which were released more than three months ago), where we’ll promote it for 12 week. We’ll offer discounts for those who want to promote more than one release.

PRICE: 35 EUR | ORDER or just send the presskit to

Choose to promote your band and album for a period of 12 weeks to get the most out of a PR campaign. We will send press releases to let media know about your release details and latest communications, and send your promo to worldwide media so we can generate reviews, interviews, radio time and playlist entries. During this time we will also send follow-ups and ask media about their general plans for your campaign.

PRICE: 150 EUR | ORDER or just send the presskit to

An affordable solution to promote your band and album for a period of 6 weeks and to get media coverage worldwide. It includes the same as the above except that we will have less time to send follow-ups and update your reports, since media usually require the first 4-6 weeks of activity to come up with the first campaign results.

PRICE: 90 EUR | ORDER or just send the presskit to

If you only want to spread your news globally, we can send a single press release to our media partners. It must be news-related and about something that has just happened or is about to happen (Examples: announce new release details; new tour dates; new video streaming)

PRICE: 15 EUR | ORDER or just send all the infos to


To start a PR campaign we’ll need the following: full album in mp3, band photos and artwork in high-resolution, biography in english and release details, including (if available) tracklist, line-up, record label, distribution partners, release date, genre, etc.


Our promotions include MP3 watermarking technology, which are similar to a digital finger print embedded in the audio files. This technology is silent, which means it won’t effect your sound. It’s injected several times throughout the track and its preparation is automatically performed when we upload your tracks to create the digital promo.

This will prevent leaks to happen as we are able to scan it and pinpoint the person who leaked the music, as long as it’s from our contact list. Works for full albums and single tracks on Youtube, for example.


We have a new system that will provide you updated reports automatically. Once you engage on a PR campaign with us, we will provide you a link which you can access everytime you want to check for results. We also have the possibility to e-mail you everytime the report is updated. ASK YOUR REPORT HERE