Robustfellow Digital premieres new single from Oldschool Death metal band Obrij that comes from the western part of Ukraine, Uzhgorod.

You can listen at this location:

Soulrest/Obrij split

ОБРІЙ (OBRIJ – ukr. HORIZON) was formed back in 2013 in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. The band members take part in such bands as THE SYMBIOZ, SKRUTA, DISPLEASE and SOULREST. The sound of OBRIJ is influenced by European death metal bands like BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH, ASPHYX, MANGLED TORSOS, GOREFEST e.t.c.

The new single released in the split with the Soulrest band. The lyrics of the song touch the theme of existing totalitarian regimes, their repressions against own citizens and the proximity of those countries.

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