Rough Man’s Snivel: New single “Waiting for Thoth’s Final Verdict” now available

Russian post-metal collective Rough Man’s Snivel have just released a new single entitled “Waiting for Thoth’s Final Verdict”, a 10-minute journey about the Egyptian kingdom of the dead, Duat. The track focuses on the souls of the dead as they fearfully await the final judgment of Thoth, weighing their hearts with a feather. The lyrics voiced their horror at the feeling of close reckoning and appreciation of their own lives. Compositionally, the track is divided into two parts – a more conventional introduction and development, and an almost fully instrumental outro, which paints a musical picture of the arrival of a god and the beginning of judgment.

The track is taken off from the band’s upcoming album “Deadman”, which explores the representation of death by different cultures and literary writers. The storyline of the album is based on the journey of a deceased soul through the afterlife of various religious denominations – from the Scandinavian Hel to the Egyptian Duat. The main idea behind the album is to convey the atmosphere of these worlds musically and to guide the listener through them.

Rough Man’s Snivel deliver a mixture of Post-Metal, Black Metal, Sludge and Progressive Metal, with some elements from folk and ambient music.

Listen to “Waiting for Thot’s Final Verdict” at this location: