SDI: “Sign Of The Wicked” videos for all remastered songs!

The remastered edition of SDI’s 1987 cult album “Sign of the Wicked” is now available everywhere and to celebrate it, the band has produced a video with the remastered sound for every track, which is set to be premiered at MDD’s Youtube channel in a single marathon that will take place today, October 30th.

Check the playlist at this location:

Friday 30. October – SDI “Sign Of The Wicked” Remastered
20:00 1. Comin’ Again
20:15 2. Sign of the Wicked
20:30 3. Megamosh
already available: 4. Alcohol
20:45 5. Quick Shot
21:00 6. Always Youth
21:15 7. Long Way from Home
21:30 8. Killer’s Confession
21:45 9. Fight

Sign Of The Wicked – remastered Videos

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