Sollust – “(In)Versus”

Label: Self-Released;
Genre: Progressive metal, Alternative rock, Gothic, Post progressive, Death metal;

“(In)Versus” represents the duality residing in every single one of us. It’s both despair and shame but it’s also optimism always surrounded by faith and light at the end of the tunnel. The sound mirrors all those beliefs that are born and reborn in us. It tells a tale of the wickedness and suffering of a mortal’s life, including religion and political inequalities, not forgetting the diseases that the human being is creating and everything that it involves while believing that there’s a light to help us in the darkest moments.

Mixed and mastered by Guilhermino Martins at Blind & Lost Studios (Santa Marta de Penaguião, Portugal).

01. Divider
02. Inversus
03. Lost in Oblivion
04. Hostage of a Life
05. Beyond the Void
06. Creed in Life
07. Blame Yourself
08. Exolvuntur
09. Reflection
10. Dark Halo
11. Winding Path
12. Messiah
13. Amnesia

Rui Pereira – vocals, rythmic guitar
Rui “Ruka” Monteiro – lead guitar
Amílcar “Mika” Araújo – bass
Paulo “Axelandre” Queirós – drums
Miguel Lopes – samplers and visual effects