Stockholm based, prog metal band Seventh Dimension releases their double-CD concept album ‘The Corrupted Lullaby’ in 2018!

3 October, 2018

After the release of their debut ‘Circle of Life’, followed by their second studio album ‘Recognition’Seventh Dimension has this time around challenged themselves by going beyond the traditional musical experience. Influenced by bands such as ‘Dream Theater’‘Opeth’ and ‘Symphony X’Seventh Dimension has aimed for a concept album that offers more than 2 hours of storytelling progressive metal. To deviate from many other concept albums made, much focus is put on having the music accurately match the emotions of the characters that play a part in one big story. The vision has been to have the hooking attributes of a really good novel, while having a soundtrack to every page you turn. The original story is filled with recognizable human emotions, mysterious solutions and twists that allows the direction of the music to visit sadness, joy, excitement and despair. While the album is presented in its entirety as a different form of musical medium, the songs are structured to also work well on their own. This provides an album for anybody passionate about music.

“The Corrupted Lullaby” will be released on November 1st.



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Genre: Industrial-Metal
Label: Echozone / Les disques Rubicon
Distribution: BOB-MEDIA (EU), Rock Inc. (Benelux)

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Release date: 13-07-2018
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Label: Self-Released

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