Sun Eater – “Light Devoured”

Sun Eater – “Light Devoured”
Miasma Records / Vomit Your Shirt
Release date: 26/08/2020


Sun Eater is a French Brutal Death Metal one-man studio project. A face-melting musical entity with tech vibes in the vein of Aborted, Kronos and The Faceless.

The project was created during the summer of 2019 by Clément Dellis (who also plays bass in Embrace Your Punishment).

What was initially a challenge to see if he could write an EP in a short period of time, turned into the spawning of a serious studio project with the ambition of releasing the most professional music possible at his level.

The name «Sun Eater», and the lyrical concept enfolding the debut EP «Light Devoured», are heavily linked to the perception of C.’s past depression. This theme is developed through a simple metaphor: an unknown entity appears and devours the light of the sun, thus rendering lifeless the whole system reliant on this life source.

The lyrics on “Light Devoured” depict the ruination of a world reliant on sunlight, both on a physical and spiritual level, when an unknow entity – the “Sun Eater”, appears from nothingness to devour the life source of their realm.


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