Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork – “U C DEATH Compilation” (ICHOR , Der Rote Milan, Stellar Master Elite, Massacre the Wasteland)
Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork
Death Metal, Black Metal, Black Doom, Death Grind from Germany

Hailing from Germany, Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork is a circle of underground bands worshiping extreme music. On May 22nd, 2020, they have released “U C DEATH”, a compilation featuring extreme music created by four different bands in the last years. These bands are: Ichor (Blackened Death Metal), Stellar Master Elite (Black/Doom), Der Rote Milan (Black Metal) and Massacre The Wasteland (Crushing Death Grind).┬áThe compilation “U C DEATH” gives you an insight into the world of this Unholy Conspiracy.