Universal Disorder – “ACT II – Existential Glimpses Of Chaos And Order In A Cosmic Womb EP”
Independent / Burning Skull Records
Atmospheric Black Metal from Sweden / Finland

Universal Disorder – Atmospheric Black Metal of the Chaos that runs through the universe. An entity given birth in 2019 by D.Seestrand in Gotland, Sweden with vocals by Sovereign from Oulu, Finland. In “ACT I” (the first EP from Universal Disorder), the band lingered in the chaotic streams of creation as evolving simple organisms. Now with “ACT II” they take the perspective of the Human-Beast expanding into Cosmic ensembles of planetary bodies and eventually unfolding the eternal secrets of the cosmos as an omniscient being.
D.Seestrand – Instrumentation
Sovereign – Vocalisation and Visualisation 

Artwork “The Fall Of The Damned” By Peter Paul Rubens
Logo av M. Antikrist-ensson at Coop Records

Label: https://voodoo-music.myshopify.com/collections/burning-skull-records