Vain Valkyries streaming “Death on Phobos” in its entirety (fans of Nirvana, Alice in Chains and QOTSA)

French rockers Vain Valkyries are streaming their latest EP “Death on Phobos” in its entirety. Founded by two brothers, Vain Valkyries deliver intimistic compositions where the guitars offer abyssal tunings with high distortion, the drums are frantic and Grohlesque (see what we did there?) and the vocals go from a clean state to pure growls. 

Combining english lyrics with their native tongue, “Death on Phobos” is a blend of Nirvana’s pop side, the heaviness of Alice in Chains, the crazy side of Mar’s Volta and a little bit of Queens of the Stone

Age on top of that.
 Stream the EP at this location: