Vandallus to release “Dolby Atmos Outbreaks”

Be the first to hear true underground rock n roll in an immersive way. Cleveland, Ohio rockers Vandallus will be re-releasing two songs remixed in Dolby Atmos this Friday, August 28th via Tidal & Amazon Music. The songs “Not Alone” and “Heartbleed Eyes” are featured on the band’s third album “Outbreak” and now reappear in a totally new listening experience on the EP “Dolby Atmos Outbreaks.”  

The songs were recorded at Vandallus’ own Mercinary Studios in Avon, Ohio and mixed in Dolby Atmos by Mert Özcan of The Record House in El Segundo, California.

Dolby Atmos is a 3-Dimensional listening experience creating a deeper connection to the music as it moves around you.  While surround sound is limited to channels, Dolby Atmos ditches the channels and assigns sound objects to their own independent place in a 3-D realm, completely immersing you into the audio.

Crazy V comments on this: «Being the hi-fi/vinyl sound fanatic that I am and sceptical of digital, I happened to hear an Atmos mix for the first time and was completely blown away by the sound! It was huge and groundbreaking for me. Now it’s very hard to listen to stereo music anymore after hearing this. Like vinyl, Atmos brings music back to the good-old-days of it being a listening experience and allows it to breath again in a slightly modern/hi-fi kinda way. This is the future of audio. I loved it so much I had to blow all my money on a 7.1.4 system and have a few Vandallus tunes mixed this way as an alternative to our classic approach.  Dolby Atmos allows you to become part of the music. Do your ears a favour and check it out…»