Verglas Sanglant – “Tempête de Tourments”

Label: Self-Released
Format: DIGITAL | CD

This first EP from the French-Canadian Black Metal band Verglas Sanglant is a cold breeze from the north. Bringing both the coldness from the extreme Canadian weather and a breeze of fresh air of new influences in the black metal scene, the band delivers almost 30 minutes of atmospheric, haunting, blasting, freezing melodic black metal music. Hailing from Quebec, the province that gets more and more attention from black metal fans around the world for producing bands like Monarque, Délétère, Forteresse, Frozen Shadows, etc, this EP is much more complete and more atmospheric compared to the raw demo that was previously released. The haunting screams from a tortured soul are going to anguish you, with the production being more polished while keeping the harsh black metal sound that we all crave for. Fans of bands like Emperor, Satyricon, Mayhem, Burzum and Darkthrone will find some influences here and there while discovering something new and different. 

Produced/Mixed/Master at Hell Studio (Québec).

Tempête de Tourments
Ère de Glaciation
Haine & Pestilence

Occultus – Vocal
Kludde – Guitar
KALM – Lead Guitar
Valgar – Bass
T – Drums