Wardra/Logos – Aberration Of The Abyss Full Album Stream

Russian Black Metallers Wardra and Logos unveil their split album ‘Aberration Of The Abyss‘ in its entirety, ahead of its official release this December 1st on Ground Media Group (Finland). Album includes 4 tracks and 30 minutes of dark, furious but also melodic Black Metal in the veins of  Wolves in the Throne Room, Sargeist and Funeral Mist to name a few. 

Full album stream https://youtu.be/fyOaEbkn_5o

Aberration of the Abyss will be available via all major digital distributors worldwide like spotify, iTunes etc.

Pre-orders for physical copies are available here:

”This project was created out of a desire to bring some dark, furious and melodic music in the Black Metal genre. Biggest inspiration comes from music itself, nature, art, mythologies, philosophy and literature. The name Wardra comes from the word ”Ward”- to ”Keep”, ”Protect”, ”Oversee” and ”Respect” and musically it’s a mixture of elements of traditional black metal and doom metal with modern atmospheric sound. ” – Comments W, the founder of Wardra

“Our music is more like the essence of black metal. Speed, pressure, honesty, but at the same time we prefer to add melodic moments to our music, like interludes, slowdowns and synths. We try to experiment different things. This is my main project and I haven’t had nor Nikita (the keyboards) particibated in any other project before. Our vocalist Dzirt.R.S. used to play bass in the band called Grauen, but that’s it. Theodor (Second to Sun) is our session drummer but particibates for the drum arrangements as well.” – Says Ivan , the guitarist of Logos.

“When I received mail from these bands, In the first place I paid attention to well-composed and produced material with the really dark and special cover art which made me really impressed. These both bands have an excellent sense of style to create their black metal with a traditional, but at the same time with fresh touch. This split album has about 30 minutes intensive but also very atmospheric Black Metal. There’s melodic, but dark and even orchestrated parts and what I can say for the album art. It’s just perfection. The Art describes both bands perfectly.
comments Samuli, founder of Ground Media Group


Country: Russia
Label: Ground Media Group (Finland)
Release date: December 1st, 2020
Genre: Black Metal

Recommended for fans of Wolves in the Throne Room, Gorgoroth, Funeral Mist, Blaze of Perdition, Ash Borer, Wiegedood, Emperor, Sargeist, Darkthrone and Dark Funeral.

Album art has made by Rotten Fantom


  1. Logos – Werewolf
  2. Logos – I,Tyrant
  3. Wardra – Void Weaver
  4. Wardra – Groans Of Divinity
    Running time: 29:47

Wardra recorded in Vasily Lopatin Studio in summer 2020. Mixing and mastering by Theodor Borovski (Slaughtered Studio).
Logos recorded, mixed and mastered by Theodor Borovski.