WeedWizard – “Closed Eyes, Open Mind”
Stoner Metal / Doom / Sludge from Germany

WeedWizard started somewhere back in 2013 to worship the heavy, fuzzy riffs of Stoner Metal, Doom and Sludge. In 2018 the first demo “ No Soul To Sell” has been published via Bandcamp. The “Doomed Congregation” split with Spirit Ruiner, Grey Stag and Indigo Hammer followed in January 2020. The first full-lentgh was released in February 2020. The album contains five brand new songs and the completely re-recorded songs of the first demo. WeedWizard are Frank von Boldt (Baleful Abyss), The Dude (Abandoned, ex-Paniczone, ex-Silent Overdrive), Flecko and Hamdi (Baleful Abyss, War Agenda, ex-Pulse of Decay, ex-Church Bizarre).