Against PR announces release details for “The Raw Flaw” compilation

Our new compilation will be out on October 31st.

Entitled “The Raw Flaw”, this new release will present 16 tracks featuring several sub-genres from the metal spectrum and will offer an opportunity to all metalheads to discover new bands.

Tracklist below:
01. Immortal Sÿnn “Strength”
02. Holycide “Human’s Last Dawn”
03. Supremate “Despite The Scars”
04. Abhordium “Asebeia”
05. Quintessente “Delirium”
06. Blood and Brutality “Reduced To Ash”
07. DeathCall “The Widow”
08. Aesthetics of a loss “L’Egoisme”
09. FB 1964 “Stortebeker (Gotland)”
10. Infected Chaos “One With The Wild”
11. Agregator “A Styx Folyo Hidjan”
12. Homerik “Wendigo”
13. Masada “One Shot One Kill”
14. Rusted Coins “Edge In Your Head”
15. River of Souls “Unmanifest”
16. Traitors Gate “Solar Plains”