The Art of Conjuring – “Hibernation” (Modern Metal)

“Hibernation” is The Art Of Conjuring‘s debut full-length, a record where the band aimed for a combination between straight structures with technical finesse and real hook lines to add an atmosphere to their heavy and groovy sound.

Lyricwise, “Hibernation” cover aspects of life everyone has to endure, such as loss and failure, as well as the troubling tendencies in modern society where we have people caring less for each other and for their surroundings.

Label: Self-Released

Genre: Modern Metal

1. Shining is the truth
2. Condescending
3. CPR
4. Devoured
5. Emptiness is gone
6. Fall apart
7. Only ashes remains
8. Dignity
9. Morphine seas
10. The Creationist

Tobias Engelhardt – Vocals
Timo Höcke – Drums
Sascha Maskow – Guitars
Michael Konecny– Bass


For fans of Fear Factory, Meshuggah and Devin Townsend.