Alexandra Zerner: Stream “Opus 1880”, the new album from the bulgarian guitarist, in its entirety

Bulgarian guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Alexandra Zerner has released her third full-length album. Entitled “Opus 1880”, this concept double album, consists of 22 tracks with a total running time of two hours. The music on this album is combined with a sci-fi novel, written by Alexandra Zerner and Slav Georgiev, which is the actual story that the album is based on. Thus, it can be considered as a progressive rock opera, similar to Ayreon and Dream Theater’s “The Astonishing”.
“Opus 1880” was released via PledgeMusic as a pre-order campaign, which exceeded 165% at the time of the release.

In the album Alexandra recorded all the instruments, except the guest musicians’ parts:
• Angel Wolf-Black (Vivaldi Metal Project) – vocals on “Chaos of Cards”, “The Oracle”, “Quest of Light”, “The Sound of Dreaming”, “Questions”, Letter to Nowhere”, “Pinch of Time”, “The Missed Dance”, and “Master of Lightning”
• Bobby Koelble (Death) – lead guitars on “Desaturation Point”
• Franck Hermanny (Adagio) – bass on “Electric Kisses”
• Gretchen Menn – lead guitars on “Unfairlytale”
• Iavor Pachovski (Yuvigi) – lead synth on “Master of Lightning”
• Ivan Ivanov (Velian) – vocals & narration on “Overture”, “The Oracle”, “Questions”, “Master of Lightning”, and “Sensosphere”
• Misha Iliev – vocals on “Dolphins”
• Mistheria (Vivaldi Metal Project, Bruce Dickinson & others) – piano on “The Sound of Dreaming”
• Nora Kalcheva (The Strings) – cello on “The Sound of Dreaming”
• Svetlana Bliznakova (Sevi) – vocals on “The Other Side of the Sky, Pt.1 & 2”

Alexandra Zerner took part in several different projects as a lead guitarist, being her contribution on “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi Metal Project the most notable one.