Martyr Lucifer – “Gazing at the Flocks” (Alternative rock, gothic rock, darkwave, postpunk)

2011 – Birth of the Martyr Lucifer solo project. Martyr Lucifer teamed up with some Hortus Animae members, the Ukrainian artist Leìt and international artists like Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates, Paradise Lost) and Vrolok (ex-Nokturnal Mortum, Ygg) to form an alternative rock music project with echoes of wave and goth and the subsequent worldwide release of his first output as solo artist, “Farewell to Graveland”, via Buil2Kill Records.

2013 – Martyr Lucifer released his second solo effort, “Martyr Lucifer’s Shards” (Outline Rekordz) a collection of three previously unreleased EP’s which started showing a stronger presence of Leìt’s role, and featured, among others, Simone Mularoni (DGM, empYrios) on guitars and bass, Antarktica (Darkend) on the strings’ section, and Dario Ciccioni (empYrios) + Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates, Paradise Lost) on drums.

2017 – A new band, a new sound. Martyr Lucifer recruited drummer Fox (ex-Educis Nubila, Zachary) and guitarist Alexios (Deadly Carnage) to prepare live dates and new album. In the meantime, the brand new digital single “Lady Bird”, a futuristically vintage take of a Nancy Sinatra classic, is released.

2018 – Martyr Lucifer signs a deal with Seahorse Recordings, an Italian label which is flag-bearer in the alternative/indie scene. This contract leads to the worldwide release of the “Gazing at the Flocks” album, out on June the 22nd, 2018 in two different editions: Digipack CD and 2CD Slipcase, the latter to contain the bonus disc “The Oniric Session”, recorded live at Domination Studio and featuring a selection of new and old songs.

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