ROTTEN EVISCERATION “Ancient Grave Ascension” available for PRE-ORDER

Death Metallers ROTTEN EVISCERATION reveal official release date for the album ‘Ancient Grave Ascension’, now available for PRE-ORDER and set for an official release on November 1st 2018 via Clabasster Records / Guts´n´Blood Records / Blood Spattered Axe Records.

To be released on a three-panel digipak format, with exclusive artwork done by Indonesian artist Raymond Art (Stigmatuary, Decomposed, Bloodshed, Neoplassis, Swarm Of Serpents, Slaves Of Suffering…). It contains 08 tracks with all the nauseating and putrefying stench of death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Deicide and Immolation. Listen to this piece of sexual eviscerations that you could not even imagine in your most necrophilic dreams.

Tracklist :
1. Ascending From The Putrid Grave
2. Rotten Evisceration
3. Baptized In Semen
4. The Queen Of Anal Penetration
5. Raped And Headless
6. Master Of Vaginal Mutilation
7. Holy Butchery
8. Exhuming Corpses Of Children.

“Ancient Grave Ascension” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Solar Empire Studio by Aquiles “Solar Empire”, Pueblo Libre – Lima, 2018.

Out on November 1st. 2018 via Clabasster Records (Germany), Guts´n´Blood Records/Blood Spattered Axe Records (Rest Of The World).

Watch advanced song right HERE: