Seventh Dimension – “The Corrupted Lullaby” (Progressive Metal)

Seventh Dimension is a 5-piece progressive metal band that was born in 2009 by founding members Luca Delle Fave (Guitars), Rikard Wallström (Bass) and Marcus Thorén (Drums) in the underground progressive scene of Stockholm, Sweden.

The trio spent the first year rehearsing while searching for the two remaining spots to be filled. During this time, Luca Delle Fave also spent a lot of time writing music that would later end up on their first album, ‘Circle of Life’. In the latter half of 2010, Seventh Dimension became complete after Nico Lauritsen (Vocals) and Erik Bauer (Keyboards) joined the band. The band has consisted of the same members ever since.

In autumn of 2011, Seventh Dimension debuted on the live scene in Stockholm as an opening band to Portuguese progressive metal band Forgotten Suns. They would later open for them again in Lisbon, Portugal.

In the summer of 2012, Seventh Dimension entered the studio to record their first full-length album. They immediately marked themselves as a story telling band with big visions by debuting with a concept album that got to see the light of day upon its release on January 15th, 2013. In promotion for the album, Seventh Dimension kept playing around the Stockholm area as well as on prog festivals.

Shortly after the release of ‘Circle of Life’, new music was being written and rehearsed for the next album. Second album ‘Recognition’ was released on February 13th, 2015. Prog Metal Zone gave ‘Recognition’ a top score and included it in their list of “Best progressive rock/metal albums of 2015” while the band also started to gain fans over in Japan. Luca especially gained a following over there as well which brought him to spend a year of studies in Tokyo while debuting in the music scene over there as well.

When Luca moved to Japan a decision had already been made to raise the quality bar higher in terms of production, musicality and song writing. For quite a while, the band had thought of a story they wanted to turn into a big concept album.

Upon Luca’s return to Sweden in the summer of 2017, everybody were ready to start the production of this dream album that would truly showcase where the band was currently standing. A bunch of guest performances on voice acting and vocals would also be included in order to help telling the story. The album was recorded in 2017-2018 and later mixed & mastered during summer by Anthony Berlin who had also mixed & mastered the previous two albums.

‘The Corrupted Lullaby’ will be the third album and the most ambitious project Seventh Dimension has done so far. It is the first album where it as a whole displays the bands vision of creating a story from start to finish with a fitting soundtrack to every event.

Track list:
01 The Dreamer’s Requiem – 05:21
02 Empty Days – 05:51
03 When Shadows Call – 08:21
04 Scent of a Rose – 08:40
05 Oct. 5, 1974: Past Remorse – 12:37
06 Invitation – 11:46
07 The Lullaby – 02:14

08 Elysium – 12:16
09 An Ancient Tale – 07:34
10 When Liberty Calls – 02:21
11 Disconnection – 07:17
12 Dark Dimension – 12:36
13 The Dreamer’s Escape – 18:18
14 Leaves of Fall – 11:13

Luca Delle Fave (Guitars, backing vocals)
Nico Lauritsen (Lead vocals)
Rikard Wallström (Bass, backing vocals)
Erik Bauer (Keyboards)
Marcus Thorén (Drums & percussion)

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