FABULOUS DESASTER: “Off With Their Heads” will be released on November 16th!

The new Fabulous Desaster album, entitled “Off With Their Heads”, will be released on November 16th by Black Sunset/MDD!

Produced by Armin Rave at Soundsight Studio Hennef, a pure thrash metal steamroller awaits you!  With “Off With Their Heads” Fabulous Desaster move from the Bay Area Zone to Germany, to the Rhine, in an attempt to outdo their already successful debut-album, “Hang Em High” (2016).

1. The Dealer
2. Abra Cadaver
3. Nut Up Or Shut Up
4. Shaved Bears
5. The Revenge Of The Mighty
6. Off With Their Heads
7. Against The Wall
8. Eye For An Eye
9. Family Values
10. Evolutionary Sins