Infernal Cult – “All The Lights Faded” (Black Metal)

Hailing from Czech Republic, Infernal Cult is the solo project of Martjern. Initially inspired by old-school black metal, it later evolved into an original style where the musician added melody and a lot of dark and evil elements.

Infernal Cult‘s debut album, “All The Lights Faded”, was released on July 29th. Written during a really dark period of the musician’s life, Martjern spent two years to make all his ideas work and to sharpen every melody until he achieved a perfect result. Both music and lyrics refer to real personal experiences of misery, depression, anger, hate, self-destruction and suicide attempts. “All The Lights Faded” is as real and honest as it can be.

Embrace of Shadows
Triangle of Horns
Distant from Living
Self Destructive Life Resistance
Redemption Through Suffering
Post – Living Existence
Beyond the Dark Corridors
All The Lights Faded

Line-up: Music, lyrics, artwork, design, layout and recording by Martjern