Madog – “Raven” (Heavy / Power Metal)

Madog – “Raven”
Label: Black Sunset / MDD
Release date: 26. Oct. 2018
Genre: Heavy / Power Metal

Founded in 1991, Madog have built a status of veterans within the Austrian heavy metal scene, mostly due to their continuous stage presence and the band’s legendary pyro shows. Now, 17 years after their last full-length “Fairytales of Darkness”, Madog return with their long-awaited third album, “Raven”, which is released today, October 26th, via Black Sunset / MDD.

Time apparently plays a subordinate role in the house of Madog. Featuring a classical heavy metal sound with catchy hymns and driving riffs which sees the band orbiting around the power metal genre as well, “Raven” is an album that drives you back to the 80s, to a time when bands like Saxon and Judas Priest dominated the metal scene and the term “power metal” was gaining expression with bands like Metal Church or Vicious Rumors finding their way into record stores.

Of course, time has not stood still at Madog either, and so “Raven” presents itself with a contemporary sound together with excellent songwriting, gripping solos, highclass riffing and the striking voice of Hans Zedrozer.