The Cascades – “Phoenix” (Gothic Rock)

The Cascades – Phoenix

Release date: 2018-10-19
Genre: Gothic Rock
Label: Echozone
Distribution: Soulfood (EU), Rock Inc. (Benelux), NonStopMusic (CH)

In 2017 the German gothic rock band The Cascades released their double album “Diamonds And Rust” which includes a best of collection from their previous albums, originally released between 2001 and 2006, and a second CD including unreleased songs, demos and a brand new title called “Wenn der Regen kommt”. This song was the first collaboration of the original band members in 10 years and marked a rebirth of “The Cascades”.

Founded back in 1988 the band now celebrates their 30th anniversary, which could not be more exciting for fans of the band and the genre. Starting with some brand new songs, released as singles during the first months of 2018 (“Behind The Curtain”, “Station No. E”) a new longplayer will be released in October this year.
“Phoenix” – an album title which could not better describe the rebirth of the band and the genre itself. Driven by Markus Wild’s charismatic voice, powerful guitar riffs, melodic keyboards and an up-to-date production the songs immediately catches the listener’s ears and (dark) soul. The band represents a classic type of song-writing, focusing on the essence and core of each track without the need to overload the arrangements and sound.

So it’s no surprise that the cover version of “Diane”, which was originally released by cult band Hüsker Dü and became a hit as the Therapy? version, perfectly fits into the album. “Diane” also features the Canadian singer Esther K. Widmann which contributes to the album version as well as the special single edits to be released individually.
“Phoenix” is a statement for modern, but classically influenced gothic rock, which sounds familiar but still fresh and detached from any obligations to match a certain commercial style or expectations. The Cascades are back with a bang!

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