Feel No Pain – “Into The Chaos” (Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal)

Feel No Pain – “Into The Chaos”

Release date: 1-10-2018
Genre: Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal
Label: Self-released

FEEL NO PAIN is a heavy metal band from Madrid, Spain, formed by brothers Héctor and David Las Heras (guitars and vocals). In the spring of 2014 they completed a stable lineup with the incorporation of Víctor Santos (bass) and César Lorente (drums). Mixing their epic thrash inuences (Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura) with some heavy metal elements (Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian) they released their demo “First God Of The Earth” in 2016.

In the spring of 2017, Viti and César leave the band, and Xorth and Carlos Fernández join to play bass and drums respectively. Their entry is a big step in quality for the band, which is consolidated in their next E.P. “Into The Chaos”, released in October 1st 2018, with cover artwork by French artist Remy Cooper (Arch Enemy, Suicide Silence, Cryptopsy, etc) and to great reviews in the metal media in Spain.

The band comments:

“We give priority to freedom when writing songs, our sound is a mixture of influences collected over many years of listening to music, from the thrash metal of the first Metallica to the melancholy melodies of Paradise Lost, through the guitar duels of Iron Maiden, or the crunchy metal of Machine Head. We can go from straight forward metal based on mosh inducing rhythms, to intertwined melodic guitar goldsmithery.

Into The Chaos is a mix of recent songs and old ones, but as the line up changed a year and half ago, the old songs were given new life and new arrangements, so they sound totally fresh right now. Feel No Pain is a riff based band, so the songs usually come from guitar ideas written by David and Héctor, and then in the rehearsal space we all arrange them.
It was recorded at Lasting Noise in Madrid, with mixing and mastering by Adrián Hidalgo, and we went for a more classic sound, not as processed as a lot of metal these days.”

David Las Heras (guitar and vocals
Héctor Las Heras (guitar and vocals)
Xorth (bass and vocals)
Carlos Fernández (drums)