Onysus – “Dyosun: Between Two Worlds” (Progressive Rock/Metal)

Onysus – “Dyosun: Between Two Worlds”

Release date: 17-07-2018
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal
Label: Self-released

Onysus is a project that started in February of 2013 when 3 young boys decided to apply their love for progressive music into an ambitious but challenging project. We’re talking about Pedro Coelho, André Pacheco and João Carlos Pinto, which were students of the Calouste Gulbenkian Music Conservatory in Braga. Occupying the electric and bass guitars positions, they looked to fill the other positions, and found the drummer Daniel Rodrigues soon after. Around that time, João Carlos was browsing through the pages of a book and found a mistake on the subtitle of a picture of the Greek god of wine, Dionysus. The subtitle separated the “Di” from “onysus”, which made the last term stuck in his head, and a great suggestion for the name of this project. And so, the band name became official.

Slightly after, João Carlos left the band and the position for a bass player became open. Daniel, which belonged to a musical group that represented the Mozart Music School, suggested Francisco Petrucci, a bassist who had played with Daniel on that musical group and proved to be able to handle the ambitious challenge that was Onysus. After a couple auditions, Francisco entered Onysus in 2014, and the band’s instrumental framework was complete once again. Only a vocalist was missing, which the band already thought of having since the composed songs included lyrics, but no one to sing them yet. After searching for about a month and going through some auditions for a singer, Onysus found André Lopes, that sang at a friend’s band, Atakardio. With his clean lyrical vocals, which was what the band had in mind since the beginning, he was the chosen singer for the band.

With all elements of Onysus officially ready, the band kept composing their songs, with the theme of scorning war, corruption and manipulation of information by the media. After some local concerts and a handful of original songs, the band wanted to invest on a full record. It was on the same page as those themes that the concept of Dyosun came to life, thanks to the drummer, Daniel Rodrigues. From there onwards, Onysus stayed 2 years composing a set of 9 completely new original tracks, with the total duration of 67 minutes, and 1 year recording them, until on July 2018, the album was released.

André Lopes: lead vocals, backing vocals
Daniel Rodrigues: drums, backing vocals
Francisco Petrucci: bass guitar
André Pacheco: guitars
Pedro Coelho: guitars

Facebook: facebook.com/onysus.official
Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCPWviUNCPeAaQ568mocYeOw
Bandcamp: onysus.bandcamp.com
Instagram: instagram.com/onysus.official