Baradj release their first single from the band’s third full-length album “Hunnar”

As the calm before the storm, Baradj is ready to present the first single from the band’s third full-length album Hunnar.

“Single Tengri is the first chapter, which slightly opens the door into the theme of the upcoming album. Since ancient times, people have been casting their glance at the sky wondering – what is there? As this track is related to the spirits of nature, our endeavor was to make an organic, atmospheric sound through both music and lyrics. Today, we want to tell you about the forgotten pagan deity of the blue sky whose name is Tengri.

In pagan world, Tengri is the Heavenly-Father, and he has a couple – Umay, the Mother-Earth. On their divine union, a child is conceived, and after death, the human soul returns into heaven, from where it patronizes its descendants. The cult is related to childbearing and ancestor worship. It creates an eternal sacred cycle.

Tengri as a deity is presented in cultures of many different nations. Sumers called him Dingir (which means “Sky”), in Scandinavia – Tor (“Thunder”), in China – Tiān (“Heaven”). In Hungarian language, the word “tenger” means the sea. Among Turkic and Mongolic peoples, the deity of heaven is known as: Tenre, Tengri, Tegri, Daer, Tura, Tangara, Tengeri, Tenger, Ter.

Everything that we remember makes us stronger. Forgetting the past, we won’t be able to know who we really are. To move into the future, we need a stable foundation. History is an important part of human life, and each person makes a new discovery. We are happy to give you the opportunity to discover what is Tengri.”