Me Against The World – “Breaking Apart” (rock)

Me Against The World – “Breaking Apart”

Release date: 12-10-2018
Genre: Rock
Label: Fastball Music

With their debut album “Breaking Apart” Me Against The World define their very own mix of styles consisting of balladic melodies, heavy riffs and an extraordinary rhythm plus clear and powerful vocals to let the emotions run free. The four musicians from Upper Swabia skilfully play with various influences from Metallica, Iron Maiden, System Of A Down to Queen and progressive Beatles.

The album’s songs break with the usual structures switching time and again the pitch and tempo without losing their transparency and spacing out into overly complex progressivity. Tracks like “Dying World” give off a good shot of art rock from the 70s, whereas classic rock riffs dominate the opener “Go Away” and the epic “Morgans Misery” with a running time of close to 10 minutes seems to discard all structural and musical boundaries. In the end, it is no surprise that the album finishes with a catchy radio version of the song “Breaking Apart” featuring a female backing voice.

Me Against The World’s album “Breaking Apart” does not submit to stylistic dogmas. Throughout the whole running time the album remains exciting but still sounds homogenous and sincere. The production is refreshingly transparent, sufficiently rough and dynamic. The sound stays clear of over-compressions and leaves necessary room for structures, lyrics and instruments to fully unfold.