Almøst Human – “XS2XTC” (Rock, Metal)

Almøst Human – “XS2XTC”

Release date: 01-02-2019
Genre: Rock, Metal
Label: Fastball Music / Normosis Records

First born in the 90’s under Olivier Perdrizat (guitar and composition) and Rosario Fullone’s (drums) initiative, Almøst Human slowly faded a few years later before rising back up again in 2008, when Jan Peyer (bass) joined the band. This prolific line-up was soon completed with Chris Matthey, second guitarist whose producer talents helped the band to forge a sound as powerful as delicate. Sometime later, Ben Pluss (leading vocal) joined to crown the gang, lending his verve and unique tone to beat life into the songs’ soul and flesh.

Almøst Human’s music oscillates between introspection and rage crisis, heaviness and relief. Making light of usual metalbound « clichés » (occult symbols, blood), the band wonders about the human being’s nature and about the place they occupy – or wish to occupy – in the animal kingdom. Associating the peculiar technique of extreme metal with the energy of rock music, Almøst Human keeps focus on melody and emotion at large.

After the release of the highly rated debut EP “Ø” (2012) by the end of 2014, a collaboration with Swiss comedians Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon of the radio and TV show “120 secondes” came to live. Almøst Human also composed, recorded and mixed the music of the metal duo Black Lion Genocide from the Canton of Valais. The band played the main stage of the Paleo Festival in 2015 with Black Lion Genocide in front of 40,000 fans.

Almøst Human’s first album “XS2XTC” featuring 14 new songs, will be releases at the end of November 2018. This album questions if what we see is the real thing or just an ideal view of it, sealing the band’s rebirth for sure.