Steorrah – “The Altstadt Abyss” (Metal, Progressive)

Steorrah – “The Altstadt Abyss”

Release date: 16-11-2018
Genre: Metal, Progressive
Label: Fastball Music

The Rhineland’s very own progressive death metal poets STEORRAH are back with their third studio album “The Altstadt Abyss“. Following “An Eroticism In Murder“ (2010), “II: Thin White Paint“ (2015) and the live cut “Nocturnal Emission“ (2016), the album was produced by vocalist/guitarist Andreas März, mixed by Michael Haas (Big Easy Studio) and mastered by Roman Beilharz (UVASonar).

To fans of progressive and experimental death metal, STEORRAH are no unfamiliar name anymore, ever since the successful campaign to crowdfund “II: Thin White Paint“ and the subsequent scandal around the bankruptcy of crowdfunding platform Sellaband after which the global metal scene and the mighty Wacken foundation saved the day for Steorrah. A brief UK tour and the release of “Nocturnal Emission” were to follow.

“The Altstadt Abyss” presents the former studio project STEORRAH as a consolidated band unit with a focus on songwriting that despite the progressive tilt does not neglect its heaviness and strong hooks. From the chops of the relatively straight opening track “The Silver Apples of the Moon”, via the brute raga forms of “Saturnalia for Posterity”, the cineastic piano on “Spheroid Nine”, the beat poetry devices on “Wolves & Seagulls”, to the full frontal experimental attack that is “Where my Vessel Dwells”, “The Altstadt Abyss” provides the keen listener with the definitive soundtrack to autumn 2018. We recommend enjoying it with a cuppa earl grey and a spell of doomsday weather.