Valle Crucis – “Iron & Blood” (Black Metal)

Valle Crucis – “Iron & Blood”

Release date: 08-11-2018
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Pagan Pride Records/Narcoleptica Productions

Quickly growing into a force to be reckoned within the USBM underground scene, Valle Crucis has introduced a new era of black metal in the South Carolina scene since mid-2016. The group consists of vocalist/guitarist Skullcrusher and drummer Ashriel, forming an unmerciful, pure act of damnation. The music has been described as having the gut wrenching riffs in the style of Marduk mixed with seductive melodic passages. With a powerful stage sound to match the intensity of the music, the duo create an experience that unleashes hell to the masses.

Pure. Raw. Destructive. Violent. Black Metal.