Krishna Peri – “Cyclotron” (Instrumental Rock)

Krishna Peri – “Cyclotron”

Release date: 06-01-2019
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Label: Self-Release

Krishna Peri’s “Cyclotron” is an instrumental story about the adventures of a humanoid scientist, “Dr.Quark”, who ends up on a planet named “Nabiru” after a freak experiment, with every single track being arranged to reflect different scenarios in his journey.

After six years of playing with different cover bands and honing his skills, Krishna Peri felt the need to create a record of his own and pursuing a solo artist career seemed the most logical step, in order to have the necessary freedom to express himself without any boundaries. The musician comments: «I had been collecting these small riff-ideas over the course of many years and I had felt like they needed some direction. Few of the songs in this record are basically a bunch of ideas strung together in a meaningful arrangement. Instrumentals have no lyrics, obviously, but I wanted to convey a message just through the sonic medium which was the real challenge, because I had never attempted anything like this before. I had begun treating each song as an individual scene from a film and had this loose story running in my head for some context. I am a huge fan of the sci-genre and the fascination with astronomy became my backdrop for imagination. The main agenda while writing this record was to treat the guitar almost like a vocal line and having a good balance between a flurry of notes and some sustained melodic lines. I had strung these individual ideas together to form a coherent song with some dynamics and just played what felt natural according to the vibe.»

Krishna Peri is originally from Visakhapatnam, India, and currently residing in Dallas, Texas, United States.

For fans of Joe Satriani, Buckethead and Marty Friedman.

Lead/Rhythm guitars – Krishna Peri
Bass guitar – Marcus Shammah
Drums – Noble John
Keyboards/pads – Joy Solomon