Eternal Candle – “The Carved Karma” (Progressive Doom Death Metal)

Eternal Candle – “The Carved Karma”

Release date: 24-04-2018
Genre: Progressive Doom Death Metal
Label: Self-released

Eternal Candle’s “The Carved Karma” is the product of five Persian musicians who have been living in an Islamic country facing countless barriers and limitations when it comes to play and release original rock and metal music. Hailing from Tehran, Iran, Eternal Candle is a progressive/doom/death metal band founded in 2012 by Mahdi Vaezpour. “The Carved Karma” is their debut full-length.

The album has been lingering for 6 years to see daylight, due to Iran’s restrictions on heavy music and had to be mixed and mastered in Russia.

Mahdi Vaezpour: Composer,Clean Vocal,Lead Guitar
Babak Torkzadeh: Growl And Harsh Vocal
Armin Afzali: Bass
Amir Taqavi: Electric Guitar
Josef Habibi: Drums