Suffering Souls – “In Synergy Obscene” (Black Metal)

Suffering Souls – “In Synergy Obscene”

Release date: 25-01-2019
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Schwarzdorn Production

Founded in 1994 under the name of Dismal, german symphonic black metal act Suffering Souls return with their fourth full-length “In Synergy Obscene”, which comes out 10 years after the release of its predecessor “Sadistic Goat Complex”. On “In synergy Obscene”, the band presents a sombre and satanic identity which will appeal to all of those who respect and love the black metal scene from the 90s.

The band’s only member Tobias “Lord Esgaroth” Micko started to write new songs on January 2010, and three years after he was ready to hit the studio. Once part of it was already recorded, Lord Esgaroth decided to put it on hold as he wanted to rewrite the tracks. Another three years later, in March 2016, the musician goes back to the studio to see how the tracks had matured during this time, and what we found was a record that marks a giant step on the right direction of Suffering Souls.

Tobias “Lord Esgaroth” Micko:
Vocals, all Guitars, Strings & Choirs, Drums & Programming