Vetrarnott – “Scion” (Black Metal)

Vetrarnott – “Scion”

Release date: 02-09-2018
Genre: Progressive Black Metal
Label: Self-released

Vetrarnott is an Italian Progressive Black Metal band that has its purpose in representing and glorifying ancient customs, rites, and cultures.

The band, founded during winter 2015 by Gar Ulfr, started as a one-man band but by the end of 2017 turned into a regular band with the recruitment of guitarists Valar and Osculum. On September 2nd 2018 the trio released “Scion”, their first EP, and eventually started performing live with Ambrogio Locardo on the drum kit.

Gar Ulfr comments: 

“While conceiving “Scion”, I wanted to create an EP that would serve both as a tribute to the bands, songs, and sounds that forged me musically and as a farewell to the themes from the Northern myths and sagas I wrote about on some of my previous works. Despite my love and fascination for Norse mythology and Scandinavian history, I felt that I had to “graduate” from this passion of mine and start focusing on the legends and myths of my land. Thus came “Scion”: 3 songs, each about one of the descendants (or scion) of Loki and Angrboða, played by 3 musicians that are the “artistic heir” of Scandinavian metal bands. “Helvegr”, the 3rd track, is my musical farewell to the Northern landscapes and is followed by the bonus track “La Voce degli Dei” that is a “trailer” of what will come next for us: songs in Italian about Italic legends and myths.”

Gar Ulfr: Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Drum programming
Valar: Guitars (Lead & Rhythm)
Osculum: Guitars (Rhythm & Acoustic)
Ambrogio Locardo: Live Drummer