Wolf Counsel – “Destination Void” ( Doom Metal)

Wolf Counsel – “Destination Void” 

Release date: 22-02-2019
Genre: Doom Metal
Label:  Endless Winter

Originally a brainchild of the 1990s WOLF COUNSEL finally came into existence in 2014 when two veteran musicians merged their enthusiasm for monumental lowtuned music and a great appreciation of heavy riffs into a new band.

WOLF COUNSEL released three full-length albums so far „Vol. I – Wolf Counsel“ in 2015 (Counsel Records/Dead Center Prod.), the second album „Ironclad“ in 2016 (Czar Of Bullets/Plastic Head) and their third effort “Age Of Madness/Reign Of Chaos” in 2017 (Czar Of Bullets/Plastic Head). All albums were recorded at Little Creek Studio (amongst others: Destruction, Nervosa, Pänzer, ProPain, Burning Witches) and produced, mixed and
mastered by V.O. Pulver (Poltergeist, GurD, Pänzer). All albums feature 7 songs that cover the whole diverse scope of classic Doom Metal and show the evolving style of this band.

The endless creative stream never stopped and in 2018 the band wrote their fourth full-length within 4 months. “DESTINATION VOID” consists again of 7 new tracks that follow the path of Classic Epic Doom Metal with various haunting harmonies, sonic interludes and diversified arrangements throughout approx. 48 minutes. Recordings followed in September 2018 again at Little Creek Studio with producer V.O. Pulver for a release (CD, LP, Digital) February 22, 2019 by Doom Metal specialized label Endless Winter.

“Destination Void” is a definite pinnacle in Wolf Counsel’s creative progression so far.
This band’s music has been called „authentic and elegantly classic“ by various print and online magazines amplified by descriptions like „the craft that has gone into these songs is as immense as the riffs“ and „it‘s whole vibe is doomed than thou“. Summarised some critics wrote that „the past albums show the sound of Wolf Counsel reaching their potential very early in their career and it is clear from these albums and its songs that they can only go even further from here“.

WOLF COUNSEL so far played liveshows with bands like Orange Goblin (UK), Procession(SE), Epitaph (IT), Elder (US), The Order Of Israfel (SE), Castle SF (US), Year Of The Goat (SE), Magnacult (NL) and DevilDriver (US) in several European countries. 

Ralf W. Garcia – Bass/Vocals
Reto Crola – Drums
Andreas Reinhart – Guitars
Ralph Huber – Guitars