Polish/Finnish melodic metallers Exlibris launch new video for “Amorphous”

Polish/Finnish melodic metallers Exlibris enter 2019 with a new music video for the song “Amorphous”.

Exlibris’ lead singer Riku Turunen comments: «”Amorphous” was one of the songs that I hadn’t heard fully until we actually hit the studio to record lead vocals for the whole album. Once we started tracking, I immediately knew we were onto something. I remember standing in the vocal recording booth after we laid down first takes and wondered to myself that we must do something special with this song. While this is our first actual professionally filmed music video, it stills follows the band’s usual DIY-attitude very closely. It was filmed on a set designed by Daniel Lechmański (Exlibris guitarist) and hand-built by the band members using old TVs, some of them crowd-sourced from fans. Daniel also handled most of the video post-production process himself. In Finland we have a saying: “When you do it by yourself, the result will be as good as you are”. I guess that sums everything up pretty well!» “Innertia”, Exlibris’ 4th full length album, was released by the band independently on June 29th, 2018.